Hello, Blue! Home Decor's Upbeat Hue Should be Used Right

Blue has always been associated as the color of the Gods, with water and nature imbibing its soothing effect it becomes imperative that we bring this color home. Termed scientifically to be a mood enhancer and promote well-being the color blue is widely splashed all over yoga studios and baby nurseries. The warmth from its subtle tones can be enhanced with a generous design of home decor accessories to balance hyperactivity, promote better sleep and reduce stress. We have some wonderful inspirations to turn your abode into a beau sanctuary with blue textures and themes.

Pastel blue color can roughly create an in-the-cloud feeling in your living room. Light blue tufted furniture in the lounge area, blue patterned curtains in intricate designs, a soft rug, and artworks can set a calming effect as soon as you set foot in the room. Match the subtle blue tones with lavender accessories like a mauve centerpiece on the coffee table. A lilac theme on the crowns of the ceiling and white under toned chandelier is a perfect combination. They do not overpower the aesthetic sense of the sapphire theme.

Sometimes it could also mean a pop of color for a neutral or minimalist space; blue-colored wall hanging photo frames not only look gallery chic but also enhance the picture in the frame. It is an excellent idea to bring warmth into hallways and entryways by hanging eye-catchy decor and picture frames. Your bathroom is the place where you relax and melt away the blues, a wash area painted in subtle blue with complimentary white marble washbasins and bathing tub is a match made in heaven. Combine this divine theme with peach-colored circular tiles and you will never feel like leaving your bathroom again.

wall hanging shelves

Have a contrast space and don’t know how to squeeze in the blues? Imagine a room with warm saffron-colored walls and dramatic decor highlighted all over. Add coral styled wall mounted floating shelves, a parade of patterns in blue with cushions and curtains, a navy blue palette of color scheme for accessories like rugs and art installations to complement the warm saffron tones. Teenage bedrooms need a feminine vibe and what better color scheme than sky blue and pink to go together. Throw pillows and rugs in subtle pink divergent to the sky blue tone on the walls. The steely blue hues can be further enhanced with elegant art frames in gold accents.

An eclectic state can be achieved throughout the lounge area with bold blue and neon tints like lime green and hot pink or red. By keeping the furniture in neutral tones one can allow the intrepid cerulean walls and neon accessories to shine. The youthful and energetic vibes will make the zone a permanent entertainment space for the family.

In keeping with the blissful theme Love–KANKEI has an elaborate home accessories collection for your living room wall decor. They have a set of wall mounts, jewelry organizers, photo frames and hanging vases that can be creatively put to use in any corner of your living spaces. They instantly convey a tranquil feel along with the shimmering blue decor ideas panned across the house. The minimalist wood and white tones scheme well with the glam accents of the extravagant fabrics that emanate in the room. Make your abode an upbeat place to reside.

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