Bring Relaxing Tropical Home Decorative Style in Summer!

Bringing the outdoors, indoor is the current decor trend; the colorful vibes of a tropical summer are refreshing. It is all about decorating your home with tones inspired by nature, the golden sand, hues of blue sky and the lush greens of the forest. You can easily incorporate these colors into printed motifs on cushions, patterned wallpaper on the wall, floral prints on curtains, dried plants framed on the wall and furnishing done in jute, exotic teak, rattan, wicker or bamboo.

wooden photo frames

Let your entrance be grand, integrated lattice styled archways for the doorway or the entryways are perennial equatorial style. Strategically place tall green plants in a basket and metal containers to imbibe the jungle vibes. Be selective of the accessories that you pick for your living room, wood picture photo frames  with animals and rain forest themes are immensely attractive for featured walls. Upgrade your wallpaper with tropical motifs and prints, contrast the appearance by placing bright furniture’s in yellow and gold tones for a vibrant look.

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If you are a fan of kaleidoscopic hues then a harlequin floor works well with the equatorial decor. Doting the corner tables with parrot figures in colors of blue, green and gold naturally blend in with the florid theme. Rustic wall shelves  made out of distressed wood are ideal for placing art and family collections in the bedroom. Having a colonial four-poster bed done up with invigorating palm and banana patterned bed furnishings enhances the aesthetic value. You can take that a notch up by placing cane furniture to set an island like ambiance.

Bring in the exotic natural elements in your bathroom as well; a shower divider styled out of bamboo is an excellent way to incorporate native vibes. Installing a polished stone basin and bathtub will further enhance your chic tropical taste. Make a splash in the kitchen with blue hues and tones for crockery and dining cutlery. Take the opportunity to fix wooden wall storage shelves  as cabinets and display shelves for your wine serving collection. Keep the theme summery with bamboo blinds instead of curtains.

wall decoration shelve

A bowl of citrus fruits and a huge cylindrical vase with fresh flowers are an exceptional choice for a centerpiece for the reclaimed wood dining table. Surround the table with teak or wicker chairs done up with lush patterned cushions and you are set for a hearty summer family meal. Decorate the dining area with animal sculptures or a single wall art installation depicting bright candy colors and texture as a statement piece.

Love-KANKEI home decor can blend in with the accessories vibrate with the breezy tropical theme. Imagine your powder room done up with gold, pink and banana wallpaper theme, and the pristine white three-tier jewelry organizer displaying all your jewelry collection, the combination is heavenly and artistic. The wood picture gallery amidst a foliage inspired backdrop is almost dreamy and vacation style. It's an excellent way to flaunt a safari expedition family picture album. The rustic floating shelves mounted on the walls to exhibit tropical-inspired art and sculptures will enhance the beauty of any room. Your love for the outdoors can transpire into a decor project for life after collection accessories from Love-KANKEI.

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