5 Wall Shelves Ideas with Lots of Flair and Character

Wall shelves are mostly considered as the non-decorative item for interior planning, they have always been carved out of rustic wood. Their presence has been forever mundane and it only receives some attention due to the items exhibited on its surface. How do you re-decorate this functional yet important piece of accessory? We have some practical wall shelf decor inspirations to make them look chic and give them a depth around your living space.

Tired of the same horizontal and vertical shelves? Then go for some unconventional geometric designs. Scout around a flea market or get it custom made, a hexagonal, diamond, circle or abstract space will become the focal statement piece on a bare wall. Also, you can store multiple things on such shelves. The mixed material is the new age trend, a wall bracket made out of wood and copper or iron metal has its own charm and rustic feel.

 Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

DIY the industrial pipes left after the construction work to create a beautiful 3-4 tiered shelves. The raw appeal of the pipes and the convenient metal or wooden racks will make the whole set up admirable. You can set it up in the kitchen for your own small potted plant collection or model it in the bedroom to keep books and memorabilia. If your room lacks the pop of color then these shelves can be painted according to the season or occasion.

Boxed wooden wall storage shelves are excellent as glamorous headboards for a grand bed. Adding them behind the bed to display family or travel pictures, books or even your antique art collection is a flamboyant idea. The closed effect on the sides and the floating wooden base make them a striking piece on the walls. You could go for the same size and pattern or switch up the design with an irregular boxed pattern.

Rustic wall shelves modeled out of reclaimed wood and styled to float on the walls are the ideal piece de resistance. An ideal way of owning a spice rack in a tight kitchen space, they can double up as storage for pots and pans too. All the wine and china you so love to show off while entertaining guests in the dining area can be kept in plain sight on these traditional shelves. They can also be modeled into storage solutions for tiny apartments. One can design them for powder and bathroom purpose to put away all the luxurious toiletries.

Full metal tier display sets are eternal; they can be passed out from one living space to another without any visible damage. Wall shelves made out of wrought iron can be painted to your own moods and needs, they can also be fashioned into any shape and size. Suspended open shelves linked through a chain or set of metal wires are an outstanding way to store away your jewelry, you may shade it in gold accents to give it a sophisticated vibe.

Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

Love-KANKEI excels in wall shelves ideas; they have a varied choice available for all kinds of needs and customers. These wall decor sets can be installed without any professional help and can turn out to be fun DIY projects for the whole family to work on. Their wrought iron shelves have extra hooks to hang out pictures or can be multi-purposed inside the kitchen to store ladles and spoons. It can also be used for displaying your office stationeries; the wooden ones are ideal for exhibiting exotic vases and sculpture collection.

You could dye them shabby white and redecorate your laundry or pantry, whatever the purpose these shelves are the contemporary solutions to our tight spaces. If you are a minimalist with an urbane taste for design then check out our collection at Love-KANKEI. We promise not to disappoint.

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