Why Black Friday sale is Worth for Home Decorative in the US

The craze for grabbing the best items at exciting discounts does not depend on any special occasion but as the year advances to the end, Thanksgiving celebration undoubtedly demands something special. So, why not make the Black Friday deals  count before the rush on 29th November and take a look at the plethora of home décor items from Love Kankei according to your requirement?   

Set Of Three Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

wall decorative shelves

As a simple display for living room, bedroom, office, and study or as bathroom and kitchen storage shelves, the set of three different sized floating shelves will be quite handy. The large shelf has 17 inches length while medium-sized one is 13 inches in length and the small one is 9 inches in length –all the three shelves have the same width of 4.2 inches. From cosmetics to body care essentials, showpieces to pots and vases, books to DVDs, potted plants to framed pictures –you can keep up to 40lbs weight on these shelves.

These simple display shelves are made of sturdy Paulownia wood and torched finish which perfectly compliments the industrial black powder-coated metal brackets. Among three color schemes, the carbonized black variant is available at a 20% discount, weathered black variant at 22% discount and the weathered grey variant at 28% discount on 29th November from 4:10 AM PST till 10:10 PM PST.  

Wooden Photo Frame With Adjustable Twines

Pictures definitely speak a thousand words and when you have so many pictures from Thanksgiving and other occasions to showcase, investing in hanging photo displays  will be a better idea than separate picture frames. Not only this option is affordable but it also creates a unique display with as many as thirty landscapes and portrait mode photographs attached on twines with the help of clips.

photo frame

Six small wooden pieces, five twine cords, and thirty clothespins are included in the package –you can add the six wooden pieces with three on each side held by twines or hang them separately where maximum two twine cords can be connected with two wooden bars on both sides. These hanging photo frames can be hung both vertically and horizontally according to the wall space and when put together they cover a space around 30.7”x26”.

Get the weathered grey variant at 20% off and the carbonized black one at 26% off from 4:40 AM PST to 10:40 AM PST on November 29th.    

Set Of Two Large Storage Wall Mount Shelves

The set of two rustic wood wall shelves with 16.53” length and 11.8” width each can be used in a versatile way at your home. You can add one shelf at the bar area to keep your drinks and glasses organized and one shelf at the kitchen to keep the pans, pots, casseroles, cutlery, crockery, and other kitchenettes. These shelves are also handy for keeping photo frames, books, music systems, etc in your bedroom and towels, bathroom accessories, etc in your washroom. The wooden panels with torch finish can hold a maximum of 29lbs with the help of metal brackets.   

Kitchen Storage shelves

 The 15% Black Friday discounts on 29th November for each of the three rustic wood shelves  namely carbonized black, weathered black and weathered grey are applicable from 12:45 PM PST to 6:45 PM PST.

While celebration over delicious pumpkin pies, juicy turkey and mashed potatoes is sure to keep your tastebuds busy, give your house a makeover with the decoratives from Love Kankei.

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