6 Wall Space Christmas Decoration Ideas For Perfect Festival Theme!

Christmas stockings, decorations, wreaths and trees are the choicest ways to change the decor during this winter festive season. We keep in mind the traditions and family memories while recreating our space for the joyous event. Love Kankei brings in refreshing tips to deck the halls and your wall space with stunning festive themes. Unleash your design potential and create a joyful and luminous occasion to celebrate.

Wall display shelf

The Immaculate Whites

We all stick with the Christmas color palettes of red, green and gold while redecorating any nook and corner. This time ditch the heavy colors and go for winter white, this frosty tone can be used while adorning the windows with ivory, plain white or crème white ribboned wreaths. Use identical decors for minimal re-touch, a white village scene with fairy lights on the wall shelves switches up the glamour of the living room. Use white faux Christmas tree to be the center of attention, gift wrap with white color paper, and lay out a white table cloth on the dining table to bring in the essence of the season greetings into your home.

Flip it

What more wonderful way than to have an upside down hanging Christmas tree? Use a small faux festive tree with dainty lights and leave it hanging from the pot rack over the kitchen counter or use it as a dramatic chandelier over the dining space. Thus a mimic luxury decor that will make your guests gasp with astonishment. You can also glue colorful glass balls and tinsel garland to make an eye-catchy display.

Baubles and Stockings

Want to keep things to minimal? Then hang vibrant baubles and quaint stockings to the tier corner shelves. Comes especially handy for tiny apartments that lack a fire mantle space, fill the stockings with treats and chocolates. This will turn out to the most favorite corner of kids in the house, embellish the baubles with glitter and gold paint to give it a lavish touch.

Sentiments and Modernity

Every traditional Christmas decoration has childhood sentiments attached to it, some of us even store them for generations. Add a touch of modernity to the gifts by stacking them on vintage wooden shelves across the house. You can adorn them on hanging display shelves in the living room, bathroom, bedroom and the entryway. With each gift item place a nostalgic family masterpiece, it could be an old reindeer statue, a bulky Santa, a toy soldier or a ginger bread house replica. Ring in the Christmas eve with some fond memories as one opens the gifts.

Seasonal Decor

‘Chestnuts roasted on an open fire’ is something that we look forward too, why not bring in the seasonal elements into the home space. Embellish your kitchen space with faux mushrooms, winter branches, pine cones, faux decorative chestnuts and dried painted vines that can be turned into farm style wreaths. Thus the whole ambience will be that of an old village scene right in your modern kitchen.

A Quirky Christmas Greeting

When you got to send out greetings and click multiple family pictures, where do you hang them? Now attach all of your eccentric family photos on a wooden collage, and then use this wall hanging photoframe as adornment for the door wreath. You can also put these photo frames in the entry way, on the tree, in the hallway and treat it as an exclusive exhibit on the gallery wall. Wish your loved ones by gifting them these frames and spread the magic of the season.

Love Kankei allows you to play mix and match with its decor items, the collection is apt for the festive theme and brings in the interior appeal.  Now keeps things stylish and snugly during this icy festive season.


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