Decorative Wall Shelf- Organize your Accessories for a Clutter-Free Home

The modular and practical decor is the major trend that is sweeping the homeowners. Gone are the days when one wanted immovable furniture and accessories. Multi-tasking home decors are the game-changer.

Organizing is not so tedious if you can find the ideal space to convert into a storage zone. But since most of us cope with fewer living spaces the need to utilize unoccupied areas becomes imperative. Considering that we mostly leave the walls bare in the house, they can be put to a number of uses when it comes to conveniently re-decorating.  

Unconventionally Chic:

We know that large wooden trunks and cabinets are the ideal choices when it comes to exhibiting artifacts and books. But we suggest going for these rustic wall shelves by Love-KANKEI. They come in a set of three and the design looks fabulous for a vintage setting, the wood and metal combine perfectly to create a stunning body. These are mountable floating shelves, you can DIY a trendy pattern on the wall to fix them. Ultimate for corner shelving needs.

Industrial Elegance:

If you are a fan of industrial taste and style, then these harp-shaped metallic organizational decors are sensational visually and aesthetically. They come in two colors, pleasing to the eye black and toned down grey. These five-tiered storage racks can be mounted on bathroom walls to make space for all of your luxurious needs. Bathroom shelves need not be dull and boring, these shelves can be effortlessly tucked away in the corner and still maintain a vibrant ambiance. They also come with anti-rust properties and hence ideal for the moisture-laden bathroom vibes. An idyllic storage option for towels, wet bath items, spa essentials and scented candles. There is even a zig-zag style available for the ones who love to flaunt eccentric decors in their homes.


Doing a face-life for the kitchen? Without looking for major renovations and money with these multi-tasking kitchen wall shelves. They come in two colors woody brown and dark forest tones, a touch of farmhouse decor glamour for your kitchen needs. The unique thing about these shelves is their cute hooks which are completely removable. You can now hang pots and pans and display your spice, pantry items, cookbooks and other utensils in plain view. Easy access while meal preps, you can even convert it into a paper towel holder without the hooks. It is convenient to cultivate your own little herb garden on these shelves.

If you lack the space for a bar counter to entertain your guests, fret not, stock up an enviable bar on these shelves complete with a cocktail, mock-tail, wine and hard drinks. The hooks can be utilized to hang beer mugs and glasses. Voila! Now you have an exclusive enjoyable space right inside your tight kitchen.

Love-KANKEI has a wide range of decorative wall shelf organizers that can blend in with ample storage space. They are available in fashionable options and keeping practicality in mind designed for everyday usage. You can now beautify your walls permanently with these easy DIY projects, they are also super effortless to remove, so you need not worry about packing them off in large boxes while shifting.

Love-KANKEI has a way to keep your life uncomplicated, chic and clutter-free.

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