5 Brilliant Wall Mounted Floating Shelves for Your Apartment

A Floating Shelves is one of the most demanding accessories for home decor, It not only adjust in minimal space. It actually help you to keep things a systematic way. We are going to cover the various floating shelves that can re-modify the living style of your apartment.

Whether you are moving in or out of a city apartment you need not stretch your purse strings to re-create the ideal decor time and again. We have a few inspiring life hacks to make your apartment-style living cozy and chic.  

Living in a tiny apartment is like downsizing on all of your home decorating desires. There is a virtual fight for every square foot and extra storage space. So how you find the balance between your knack of decorating and the habit of a stylish organization? Love-KANKEI brings you the perfect accessories to build a homely living space even with a space crunch.

Multi-Hook Shelf for Entryway:

Apartments usually have a cramped entryway and lack space for a storage cabinet with a shoe rack. Hence, to overcome this sense of congested living build wall mounted floating shelves. These specially designed hook shelves come in earthy tones of brown and black carbonate. Their unique feature is a set of eight hooks from which you can hang your coat, handbags, umbrella, keys and other items. The smoothly fashioned wooden platform is held with modish metal brackets, now you can put up aromatic candles, a small mirror, picture frames or artwork. Thus setting up a vibrant, welcoming ambiance.

Bedside Decor:

A bedside table is an essential piece of furniture, but a luxury for apartment owners. To compensate for this, you can easily DIY rustic wall shelves on either side of your bed. These look savvy instead of having heavy furniture, you can effortlessly tuck away your laptop, phone and other items. They will also make for an excellent exhibit corner for memorabilia.

Headboard Chic:

For the ones who work in the fashion or entertainment industry or even an avid photographer who loves to display all of the work, these floating shelves are like an aesthetic miracle. Fashion a trendy headboard for your bedroom with these wooden shelves, now you have ample space to put up your travel pictures, family memories, kids photographs, fashion portraits and other artifacts. It will be a stunning dramatic change for your mundane bedroom. For the kids' bedroom, the kind of headboard will serve as extra space to neatly flaunt all the soft toys.

Slim Wonder:

Don’t really need bulky shelving in the kitchen, go for these slim wall mounted kitchen shelves. You can make an adorable spice rack out of it & store away your daily essentials. Cookie jars treat cans and many other items that usually crowd the kitchen counters. Near the sink, it can be used to keep the cleaning materials and also handy for kitchen paper towel storing.

Under the Window Sill Library:

Lacking a lounge space in the living room? Now convert the empty space beneath the window sill into a floating library with wooden wall mounted bookshelves. Furnish the space with a large area rug, plush cushions or simply a chic recliner and floor lamp. After a long day at work relax, unwind, read a book or listen to music. This can also become a cozy nook for kids to study with all the stationary tucked on these low floating shelves. You can also create it into a mini office space.

These practical and reliable multi-storage shelving ideas will convert your apartment into a spacious trendy zone. Invest your savings with wise decor and enjoy your city living with Love-KANKEI accessories.

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