Memorize Your Precious Moments with Love-KANKEI Photo Frames

We are sure you must have been on a photo clicking spree this holiday season, with Christmas just gone by and New Year right around the corner. There will be plenty of memories to cherish.

Did you just get a new pet for New Year? Had some good news to share or have you finally jetted off to that exotic location for a luxurious holiday? What is common among all of these happy events? Pictures! And we never get tired of showing off to the world how lucky we are in our daily lives.

Love-KANKEI has the ideal accessories to keep all of those iconic memories intact; they specialize in stunning photo frames that will make your home decor the talk of the town.

What makes these photo frames so special?

They come in an attractive DIY pack, which is amazing because you can take up multiple projects at a time to re-decorate any corner of the house. You can even personalize the frame by painting it with glitter, adding sequin designs or other embellishments. So if it is a kid’s/teen bedrooms that you are decorating then fairy lights add a magical touch to the frames.

These wall hanging photo frames come with 30 clothespins, and rustic wooden body, now you can exhibit multiple photo’s at a time. If you choose to redo a kid’s nursery, then hanging pictures from their birth, gender reveals to their present age makes for a cute decor idea.

If you are a self-obsessed blogger/vlogger then chronically depicting your blogging success with pictures on these exposed photo frames makes the journey look real and interesting. The avid traveler in you will love to highlight the places, time or locations that have some significance in your life through pictures with these hanging photo display frames.

Got a wedding in the house or an engagement party? A dazzling way to re-create the journey of the romantic couple is by showcasing their lovey-dovey photos on these DIY frames. These picture frames will look mesmerizing for an outdoor party setting; hang them from the ceiling or branches of trees at the venue. It can be an excellent gift idea too for a couple who are expecting a baby, a birthday party or any other life event celebrated with your family and friends.

Want to proudly display your achievements? Then opt for the boxed photo frames with a classic interior and glass exterior. Exhibit your certificates, souvenirs or other artsy items that worth much in your life. They make for an eye-catching corner display, perfect hanging photo frames for an entry/hallway. They can also be deemed as a memory box for a beloved, especially pets. Keeping their memorabilia is in a way to cherish memories even after your loved one has passed away.

Love-KANKEI accessories are not all bling and jazz, these are thoughtful gifts that add a touch of personal presence. Home decor reflects the personality of the individuals coexisting in a space, and with these photo frames your precious moments will only add to the beauty of the surrounding living spaces.

So, now you can freeze and create nostalgia while celebrating every milestone with these spectacular photo frames because a moment once gone never returns back.

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