Creative Ways to Display Photos without Frames

Pictures are immemorial and timeless; they remind us of all the happy moments spent with our loved ones. However, there are many creative ways to display family albums and snapshots. We have come up with some inspirational ways to hold on to the nostalgia, enjoy a DIY session and create stunning photo collage with basic materials.

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Chimes of Good Times:

Wind chimes not only usher in positive energy but also keep the ambiance charmed. Invest in a large wind chime and glue your choicest pictures to the rotating handles. An excellent piece of attraction for both windows and balcony areas. The hanging photo display will keep your loved ones protected and always in an optimistic circle.

Viral Shapes:

Geometric shapes and murals are so vibrant, especially if featured on a wall. The simplest way to exhibit your family album is by gluing them into larger-than-life shapes on a bare wall. Try out various designs and viral art murals to make the display interesting, like a heart shape, a house shape, or a face. The more eccentric the better, you can choose as many pictures to stick to the wall without any frames.

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Family Tree:

One of the cute ways to hang pictures  is DIY a family tree as a statement piece on the living room wall. You can create borders with paint or with colored tape around the exhibited pictures. A gorgeous tribute to your ancestors and the younger generation, this will also become the center of any conversation with guests who will approve of your lineage display so beautifully. A quirky way of an exhibition during family gatherings is hanging pictures to branches and placing it in an oversized glass jar or vase, decorating your dining table in this unconventional way will find many admirers.

Fairy Lights Collage:

A cool way to hang pictures  is by pinning them onto a cardboard sheet and then embellishing it with glitter and fairy lights. Fairy lights in different colors set the mood for your bedroom, having a headboard with a collage of your favorite travel and lifestyle pictures keeps things alluring. Lounge area or even the library area will look striking in this overstated style of adding character to space.  

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Steam Punk:

When you are more of an industrial and steampunk fan, then making copper and metal outer frames out of leftover construction material is a classy way to display photos. Mount these near the entryway and hall passages for an art gallery vibe, the polished surface of these materials will make the pictures look chic and sophisticated. A bold approach to a traditional way of hanging desired images with your own personalized touch.

Cycle Wheel:

Another cool way to exhibit nostalgia is by mounting a vibrantly colored cycle wheel onto the wall and then gluing or pinning pictures onto the spokes. A touch of creativity for minimalist lovers who are on a lookout for bespoke accessories for their interior liberties.

Love-KANKEI will sort out all your modern and contemporary picture needs with their frameless collage makers. These photo exhibition accessories are loosely based on wood and strings, allowing you the maximum number of snapshots onto its aesthetic body. The bottom wooden cubes hold a secret message for your loved ones, it reads – See How Much I Love You. An exceptional choice of gift for newlyweds and soon to be parents, these pictures, display artifacts hold much joy and are a creative way to demonstrate your love for photography in your living space.



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