5 Easy Kitchen Updates - Ideas before Kitchen Upgrade

Want your kitchen to look chic and practical from every angle? Then apply these simple renovation techniques that we suggest. These kitchen decor hacks will not cause a dent in your pocket, but bring about an elegant ambiance. Dive with us into styling a grand cooking space that makes for a natural family hangout.

Kitchen decor idea

Pan out the Storage:

We do not want all the storage cabinets to hang in one place or wall, space them out throughout the kitchen. Instead of going for heavy cabinets, install small floating shelves that can even fit into tough corners. Add symmetry by mounting them above the sink to store everyday utensils, keep the backsplash area sorted by adding shelves a bit higher, so that the designer tiles on the backsplash remain visually attractive. Create storage below the Kitchen Island, this will keep the countertops clutter-free.

Spic and Span:

wall storage idea

Things are bound to turn messy while prepping for delicious meals, add a touch of elegance with kitchen paper towel holders. Place them or mount them near the sink, inside the lower cabinets or effortlessly on the marble countertops for easy access.

Snack Drawers or Shelves:

Corners are the best place to set up snack counters, drawers or shelves. Add rustic kitchen wall shelves  at the entry point corner of the kitchen for immediate access to kids after school snacks. Mount the shelves at hand grab distance from the floor so that your children can easily have their favorite healthy snacks in time, it is also an excellent idea to create a pet corner for pet snacks. Put out a colorful Persian rug so that your pets can relax and eat their threats. Decorate the shelves with colorful jars of lip-smacking threats; also you can convert it into a handy pantry. This will also ensure organized flow in the kitchen with the kids and pets staying away from the main cooking area.

wall pot hanging idea

Color Bold:

Hang vivid pendant lights over the kitchen island, if already installed then DIY paint them in bold colors. Add a pop of sophistication with adding vibrant stools near the kitchen island; this also makes for a unique breakfast nook. Decorate the kitchen countertops  with fragrant flowers in striking vases. These inexpensive ways to fashion instant color in the kitchen will keep things bright and cheery while cooking. Re-paint your kitchen appliances with chic vinyl colors to go with the theme.

wall decor kitchen shelves

Display your ware:

Nothing like a grand show-off on the shelves, place all of your color-coded Chinaware and delicate plates as exhibits. Glassware too looks pleasing to the eye on rustic wooden shelves, if you lack space for wine bottles, then an envious collection on floating shelves die-hard temptation to naked eyes. These can become easy conversation starters for your guests when they drop in to admire your kitchen. Organize your selves tidily to keep things de-cluttered; these also make for a natural decor theme without major renovations.

Love-KANKEI has all the trappings of making your dream kitchen look stunning, their breakfast trays add glamour to your mornings. The dark shelves with metallic hues make for focal attention on bare walls and their three-tiered serving trays let you play the gracious host during home parties. Make your mornings special with natural routine in an upgraded modish kitchen.

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