7 Things You Need To Boost Your Home Beauty!

We all try our hands at interior decorating to make our living space look like pièce de résistance. Our homes are an extended version of our personalities, expensive renovation is impossible all the time. Hence we have bought you a few excellent tips and tricks to boost the beauty of your abodes with attractive decor items from Love Kankei.

Wall corner shelf

1. Doll Collection

Why leave the corner walls uninviting? Set up an elegant doll collection on tier corner shelf. Your childhood dream manifested right on the trendy wood and metal shelves, these have ample space to display family pictures and other set of toys too. You can also arrange collectibles and trophies on its spaced out tiers. Ideal for kid’s bedroom and living room corners that require an instant makeover.

2. Balcony Garden

Of course our balconies are tiny spaces of oasis for city dwellers, this is the only space where one can grow a garden of choice in a concrete jungle. Some of you might have already sorted out the area with rugs, low coffee tables, comfortable chairs and couches. But floating wooden shelves with potted plants will turn it into a green paradise. Add these shelves on the bare walls of the balcony for a stunning effect, you can also place green plants in large vases on the floor to compliment the set up. A dazzling set of fairy lights with brightly colored potted flora will make the space appear magical.

3. Pot Rack Curtain

Don’t love fabrics as curtains for kitchen windows? Then try this unique and eccentric decor hack of adding pot rack just above your window. This stylish way of enjoying the view without any obstruction is the new way to enhance kitchen drapery and add character to the room. You can even add a touch of vintage by placing ornate candle holders on these metal racks. The hanging pots, pans, ladels and utensils give a sense of privacy as well as extra storage space for kitchen items.

4. Rainbow organized

A rainbow colored coordinated kitchen shelf looks marvelous and chic to keep an up-to-date pantry system. Floating kitchen shelves with open spacing are the raging trend in decor this season. Store spices, jars, bottles and snacks into colored boxes of various sizes and coordinate them according to their use. This will not only organize your items but allow a free flow of work while cooking, labelling the boxes is also an excellent option to keep things effortless.

5. A large vanity

We all love to follow a luxurious morning routine in our bathrooms, but tiny spaces don’t permit us to have a large vanity. Solve this issue with an instant renovation of your walls, mount wooden shelves as bathroom storage. Now you can store all of your decadent scented candles, perfume bottles, makeup and bath essentials in one place. Upgrade this space by adding a large wall mirror that covers the shelves, so you have a vanity closet right there.

6. Entryway Jewel Stand

A mounted jewel stand in the entryway looks modish and matchless as an eye-catchy decor item. Hang charmers and evil-eye pendants on this stand to ward off any negative energy. You can also hang in all of your daily wear pendants, statement neckpieces, earrings and bracelets for an instant touch up while checking yourself out of the house. This also serves as a visually stunning art work which is well in your budget.

7. Stylish Caddie

Corner tiered metal shelves are an exceptional alternative as shower caddie. You can effortlessly install them on the corners of a small bathroom or shower space. These provide an ideal rack for shampoos, shower gels, shower caps, extra hand towels, conditioners and face wash. Thus keeping the other space around the bathroom clutter free, especially the window sill. These metal and wood shelves are rust free and coated with black paint to look voguish.

Love Kankei embellishes your homes to perfection with its meticulously curated decor items that are budget friendly and contemporary. Now create a space that is inimitable and according to your taste with these interior products.

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