8 Storage Ideas That Make It Feel Bigger Space!

Have you recently shifted to a small apartment or blessed with a small apartment? Are you blessed with a small apartment? Well, we know, how painful it is to make things adjusted in a small space. This becomes more difficult if you are having too much stuff and you are absolutely clueless regarding where to keep them. I agree that small rooms are cozy and efficient, but can often feel cramped and difficult to keep it organized Some of you invest a huge amount of money and hire a good interior designer to design your small space so that it looks organized as well as attractive. But with these simple ideas and hacks, you can create an illusion and make a small room look big. So let’s get started:

Apart from keeping things organized it is very important that you come up with some brilliant storage ideas that will not only help you to get away with excess stuff but will also add an altogether different charm to your house.

Color-coordinated shelves:

Do you know there are some items that you can store with like colors on open display shelves? Yes, you heard it right. Don’t you think it is a great idea? This helps to keep a small room looking organized and neat rather than cluttered. It also helps to space out items on open shelves and use them for display as well as storage. It is more of like killing two birds with one stone. To make it more dramatic you can add LED lights highlighting the displaying items on the open shelf.

Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

Dual-purpose furniture recently has gained popularity mainly among people who dwell in small apartments. So you can utilize the space in a small room to its maximum potential by decorating with furniture that serves a dual purpose such a sofa with pull-out storage space, an ottoman that opens for extra storage or a steamer trunk that can also double as a coffee or end table. So if you are running out of space then you can replace your traditional bed with a pull-out sofa or a daybed that can serve the purpose of the sofa when required. Like this, you can get more space and keep things organized as well.

Storage cabinet in bathroom

You all will agree that sometimes the only thing that lacks in a bathroom is the storage space. When there is no extra floor space in your bathroom, consider a built-in cabinet that utilizes the open space within the walls. But this becomes the case of uncertainty. What I mean to say is that it is not necessary that you will be having that inbuilt storage cabinet in your bathroom where you have moved recently. But you can always mount floating shelves in your bathroom to keep your things and arrange hooks behind the door for hanging clothes.

Floor-to-ceiling Bookcase

If you are fond of reading books and have lots of books not knowing where to store them you can arrange for a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, which shows off a small room’s height while adding a lot of space-saving vertical storage. But if you fail to arrange it then you can also mount wall corner shelves where you can arrange your favorite books and journals.

Add a few floating shelves

Floating shelves are ab awesome bedroom storage solution. They free up floor space and allow natural light to flow through your home, which visually expands your space. If you are found of woods then you can also go for wooden shelves where you can display small items.

Maximize your drawer storage with drawer organizer

I guess you know modular desk organizers are great for organizing any kitchen or junk drawer. But did you know they are just valuable in your bedroom? Such type of drawers is also useful in the kitchen to keep things organized in the kitchen and keep it clutter-free.

Create rolling library

How does it sound to you, storage racks with wheels? You can create a magnificent set of Harry porter by incorporating this portable library in your room. This not only helps you to create space but also can change its placement if you get bored of keeping it in one place.

Install a shelf above the bedroom door

Space above your bedroom door is the place that I bet you don’t use but definitely you should: if you have excess things in your house and you have no clue where to keep them so that you can create enough space, then you install a storage shelf right above your door and use it for storing anything.

Well, I guess if you are browsing the internet in the search of storage ideas that will make your small space bigger, then you can apply these ideas. With these ideas, you no longer require a well-renowned designer to design your house.

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