Self-Care: Home Cleaning and Organizing

With pandemic reaching its zenith take good care of yourself and your home is high on everyone’s list by now. Keeping your home clean can help you to fight half of the dust-related problems. Between work, errands, parenthood, and the chaos of everyday life, learning how to keep your house clean and organized may be a little difficult. When it actually seems to manage everything on your plate, here are some tips to help you to get your house in order and keep it spick and span.

How to keep your house clean and organized?

Tip # 1: Put everything away after use

This tip might seem too obvious for you, but failing to put away your belongings after using it is the main culprit for your untidy room. As you move from one room to another, quickly scan the place whether you could take anything with you or not. Make sure that after coming home you keep your shoes at its proper place along with other belongings. You know it is easy leaving your pair of shoes near the front door, a few shirts on your bed, and some unclean dishes in the sink until tomorrow. Remember one thing there is no tomorrow so make sure you clean everything before you go to bed. Most of you have a habit of leaving things for tomorrow which leads to an untidy place and turns into an untidy mess.

If you are lacking space, consider some ideas such as wall mounted floating shelves where you can corral your smaller belongings with decorative baskets. Remember it will take you only a few minutes to keep your belongings in their place rather than frantically running around looking for them when you need them next time.

Tip # 2: Clean one room at the time

Trying to manage too many things at the same time can lead to a bigger mess. So, the easiest way to keep your room clean is to tackle one room at a time. Split your work while cleaning your room.


From toothpaste dribbles and mirror strains to wet floors and shower grime, the bathroom will endure various types of messes throughout the week as it is used all the time.

Areas to focus on:

  • Clean the sink weekly or alternative days
  • Scrub the shower, tub and toilet
  • Remove mirror spots weekly
  • Mop the floor daily before going to bed
  • Do not keep your toiletries scattered all over the bathroom instead keep them organized on wall mounted corner shelf


The key to keeping your bedroom clean and organized is all about storage. If you do not have enough space then invest in storage containers or baskets that can fit under your bed. Changing your linens completely under your bed makes it easier to change them while you have given another set for washing. Picking the right nightstand helps you to keep your room more organized. Store your books, magazine, and journals on the rustic wall mounted bookshelves. This will not only make your room look good but also organized.

Check out these tips to keep your bedroom clean and organized

  • Vacuum floor and area rugs
  • Make your bed and fold your blankets
  • Dust desks, nightstands, and shelves


Dirty dishes tend to be the main culprit in a messy kitchen. Do you like to let the dishes ‘soak’? Then simply prepare one side of your sink with water and few drops of detergent. Throughout the day, add dirty dishes to the soapy side ad it will lift most of the oil and food of the dishes.

Tips to keep your kitchen clean and organized

  • Put away the dishes
  • Clean countertops
  • Organize your pantry
  • Sweep the floor and clean the kitchen before you go to bed

Living room

This room receives some of the most traffic in the house. If you do not pay much attention and remain careful then it can easily become littered with an assortment of everyday items. Make sure before living the room after watching a good movie on your television you keep your items where they belong so your living room can leave a lingering great first impression on your guests and friends who visit your house for a weekend party.

Some tips to keep your living room organized and clean

  • Clear the room of any clutter (toys, games, books)
  • Dust mantel, coffee tables, and end tables
  • Vacuum floor and couches
  • Fluff pillows and fold blankets

We have shared these wonderful tips so that you do not stay scratching your head when it comes to keep your house clean and organized.

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