10 Secret Tips For Décor, Storage And Interior!

Have you moved to your new home? One of the most exciting things about moving into the new den is decorating it – isn’t it? Don’t we have a specific aesthetic in mind? What I mean to say is, you probably want to design your home just like the one you saw on a website, magazine, or blog to which you lost your hearing. Well, designing your new home can be thrilling and exciting, but it can be equally confusing when you really get down to business.

Many owners think that it is best to leave the designing to a professional- Afterall no one can know better than them how to transform an interior from drab to fab. However, that calls for a huge investment of money! What if you are not willing to design your house at a low budget or wanted to design it singlehandedly? Won't you be able to achieve or conquer the task of designing your new house?

Well here are some tips rather secret tips that you can use for décor, storage and interior


Yes, the colors of your wall play the most important role in designing your house. you can really use some warm colors if you are not willing to use too many accessories in decorating your room. Besides, you don’t need to stick to one pattern in a room- you can mix two or three prints harmoniously without much effort.

Get plants

If you are looking to add a statement piece or just want to fill the empty corner of your room, you can go for indoor plants adding depth and character to any room. Plants can add much-needed color to some rooms or bring a touch of freshness into an industrial-style space. This gives a fresh feeling and brings positive energy to your house.

Make walls of your room center point of attraction

If you are puzzled thinking about how to make the walls of your living room attractive that will leave your guest in awe, then you can try this idea! opt for a collection of smaller paintings, which can be arranged in clusters. You can use hanging photo frames to hang such paintings on either side of your sofa. Well, there are multiple colors of photo frames available in the market you can choose as per your need.

Put some soul into the room

To create a truly unique look, display items that you truly love on rustic wall shelves. You can further highlight your souvenir by installing LED lights and grab the attention of your guest.

One at a time

In the urge to finish decorating, you may be tempted to buy all your accessories and accent piece at once. This leads in pieces that do little more than fill up space and don’t really fit your décor. Instead, start with carefully picking out two or thee accessories.

Layers furnishing small rooms

The simple interior trick will create a sense of intimacy in small rooms. Use paintings, mirrors, or wall shelves to create backdrops. Tables and seating will form the next layer and usually look good when placed close together.

Add a few floating shelves

Floating shelves are ab awesome bedroom storage solution. They free up floor space and allow natural light to flow through your home, which visually expands your space. If you are found of woods then you can also go for wooden shelves where you can display small items.

Install a shelf above the bedroom door

Space above your bedroom door is the place that I bet you don’t use but definitely you should: if you have excess things in your house and you have no clue where to keep them so that you can create enough space, then you install a storage shelf right above your door and use it for storing anything.

Floor-to-ceiling Bookcase

If you are fond of reading books and have lots of books not knowing where to store them you can arrange for a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, which shows off a small room’s height while adding a lot of space-saving vertical storage. But if you fail to arrange it then you can also mount wall corner shelves where you can arrange your favorite books and journals.

Use drawer storage with drawer organizer

I guess you know modular desk organizers are great for organizing any kitchen or junk drawer. But did you know they are just valuable in your bedroom? Such type of drawers is also useful in the kitchen to keep things organized in the kitchen and keep it clutter-free.

Well by now you must have got an idea of storage and home décor. So, if you about to start decorating your new house then you can try these secret tips and see the wonder it does to your house!




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