From Drab to Fab: 6 Minimalist classy Home Decorating Ideas with Wooden Touch!

Minimalism is all about pared-down and keeping in a simple kind of details with the interior decor. This trend is ideal for city apartments which lack the space for an elaborate decorative set up. We look at ways to fashioning out the perfect ambience with Love Kankei wooden items; these interior objects allow you to refresh your living space with effortless chic.

Wall hanging shelf

Sparse Furniture

We don’t mean to say that have ‘no’ furniture, but keep it classy with leaving in a lot of space in the room. Instead of pairing bulky furniture with the decor theme replace the existing ones with modish ones. For example, chuck your heavy sofa out and replace it with a settee or love seat, remove the bulky coffee table and introduce modern side tables. Use floating wooden wall shelves to stack all your book collections and art work. Upgrade the brightness in the room with elegant ceiling lighting instead of floor lamps. Thus, you will have more floor area and open space, this idea works for a tiny apartment.

Muted Tones

The walls are painted in muted tones or have a monochrome effect in the room; this keeps the theme minimalist without having to change much of the interior. Add a pastel colored carpet for a subdued glam effect. Turn things interesting with a gallery wall, use bold hanging photo frames to switch the ambience to eye-catchy mode. The photographs could be also be a collection of black and white images. Paint the picture frames according to the mood of the room, white walls could have vibrant blue tones, black walls could have gold painted photo frames.

Succulent Art

You have a green thumb, but also limited space to show off all of your potted plants? Then be ready to invest in plants that require minimal care. Succulents can be grown and nurtured in attractive wooden wall shadowbox frames. Craft a wore grid and soil to keep the succulents moist and healthy, water them once a month and hang the shadow box frame facing air and sunlight. This is ideal for balcony art work as well, make your outdoor seating area a green garden with these inconspicuous style plants.  

Pop of Color

Inside your bare bedroom make it look luxurious with an exciting side art piece. The side tables can be adorned with similar sculpture art or funky looking shade lamps. Add glamour by placing jewelry organizers on either side of the bed. Hang all your statement neck pieces, rings and bracelets. This exhibit will bring in the pop of color in the room and level the dull tones of the furniture.

Door frame or Window

Adding neat wooden shelves by the window and door frames will keep the kitchen clutter out of the counter tops. This type of kitchen organizer is ideal for tiny spaces that lack storage. Keep all the heavy utensils away from the daily used ones, store jars and spice bottles on one shelf. Create a dedicated space for snack jars and pet food, when you need a handy pantry these shelves can easily convert into one.


If you do not wish to change a thing in the room, then adding focus pendant lighting is a great way to redecorate a room. Place focus lighting over wooden shelves, art, picture frames and book shelves for a gallery effect. Get eccentric with ceiling lights by placing monochromatic painted light fixtures. Pair the lighting with the furniture’s, black sofa’s under a canopy of black lights, industrial lights over wooden island or landing table in the kitchen.

Thus we have given some excellent tips on being the minimalist decorator for your living space. Make your home look classy with Love Kankei decor objects and impress your guests with your exquisite taste.

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