7 Fall Wreaths That Celebrate The Season In Style

Everyone loves an extravagant and eclectic fall foliage decor across their lovely homes depicting the rich autumn colors. While the entrance and the doorway feature rich fall decorations we must not forget that we can add a touch of the changing season in every nook and corner. Love Kankei interior products are made just for these special occasions, we have some spicy and earthy tone wreath inspirations.

Wall hanging Shelves

Sweet Tooth

We have all made wonderful ombre wreaths for the front porch and the entryway, but have you ever considered to DIY a candy wreath? Imagine your childhood fantasies coming true with an assortment of candies woven into a stunning wreath. Use candies and toffees with vibrant yellow, orange, pink and reddish wrappers, hot glue these on an oval foam structure. Then use it as an eye-catchy wall hanging on the entryway, add jars of candies, caramel sweets and bonbon treats on an accent table below, a perfect set up for Halloween.

  1. Plaid Designs

Plaid fabric is the epitome of fall fashion, the reddish texture along with orange tones is synonymous of seasonal transaction. DIY unconventional plaid wreaths to be hung around the dining room, embellish it with fall leaves, cut outs and glitter and suspend them from satin ribbons. These can be a unique decor for Thanksgiving dinner as well and a stunning piece of attraction for kinly conversations.

  1. Grapvine

If you are looking for a farm house style setting, then twist grapevines into potentially rustic wreaths and add faux apples at the bottom. You will can then hang these in the kitchen windows for as gorgeous display. A simple way to symbolize the apple bobbing Halloween tradition, also these bring in all the seasonal luck.

  1. Gothic You

For the ones who love all things spooky and sinister, a black colored, crow's nest themed wreath is ideal for living room wall shelves. As usual, you can twist dried grapevines into abundant wreaths, then paint them black and add paper crows by gluing it on the surface. Use black wire to secure the birds on the circlet, then hang them all around the living space. Soon your ominous creation will be the talk of the town for its goth imagery.

  1. Outdoor appeal

Why leave the balcony walls, barn walls and the closed lounge area bare boned? Add a splash of color and striking ambience with over sized wreaths made out of grapevines. Then adorn the circular garland with dried fruits, fall themed ribbons and dried/faux flowers that exhibit earthy tones. These are magnificent outdoor decorations for lunch and garden parties

  1. Green Love

Everything doesn’t have to be in autumn tones, you can make fancy green themed wreaths with faux/real charm leaves and green colored ribbons. Add these onto a hoop for a quick DIY project, you can hang these around bucolic wooden collage wall photo frames above the fireplace, on the gallery wall and on the passageway walls. These can also be around letter boards and as headboards in the bedroom for prosperity and luck.

  1. Harvest Blessings

Adorn the kitchen corner walls by hanging simple wheat, barley and straw wreaths on 3 tier wall shelves inspired by the fall harvest season. An ode to nature’s bounty and blessings for the family these wreaths bring in good fortune. Keep things quirky by adding a burlap hand woven ribbon at the end.  

We sure know you have grasped all the rural countryside ideas from our tips and tricks for an elegant fall inspired decor. Spoil yourself by shopping at Love Kankei for exquisite wooden shelves and fall accessories that allow you to celebrate the season with panache.

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