10 Fun Things You Can Do With Home Decoration!

With the changing work landscape and locked in our houses due to the ongoing pandemic covid-19, you can use your free time creatively. Are you afraid of revamping your house all alone? Do you absolutely have no idea how to ramp up your living room or put in life to your lifeless bedroom? Whatever may be the case our easy-to-make décor ideas will give your bedroom. Living room, kitchen and your entry room a new life. We know decorating an entire house from top to bottom can burn a deep hole into your pocket. However, with these DIY ideas, you can achieve your home décor goals. Without much further ado let's get started.

Wall corner Display

Well revamping your house is not as difficult as it sounds. You can simply make certain changes or introduce a few things to give a different look to your house. Give your house Pinterest worthy touch without bank heist with these simple yet trendy home décor ideas.

1. Re-style your living room

Is your centre table or magazine holder is overflowing and making it messy? Then it is time you come up with some creative ideas to fix this problem once for all. To contain your extra books or magazine you can affix a floating rustic wall shelf.

2. Let's the corner do all the talking

In case if you are running out of space you can put the corner of your living room into use. Simply install 5 tier floating corner wall shelves and make your corner speak! With this, you will get enough space to keep your extra items organized. You can further ramp it up with more decorative ideas – thereby by making it a luxurious corner of your house.

3. Reorganize your bathroom

Do you think the existing bathroom space is not enough to hold your toiletries? If you think so, then this décor idea to reorganise your bathroom will be helpful. Rack up a bathroom storage shelf and keep your toiletries arranged on that shelf.

4. Make your wall speak

Revamp your wall by giving it a new life. Often, we stay confused about how to deck up that white blank wall that is staring at us all the time. Just hang your travel pictures if you have any, or give a sneak peek at your childhood memories to your guest by hanging some wonderfully captured childhood memories encased in a hanging photo frame. This way you make resurrect your lifeless living room wall.

5. Design a gallery

Well, it is easy to cover a wall with family, travel photos or artwork, but more can you add or subtract to make it a trending statement? Use stylish hanging photo frames by sticking to a single theme. For this, you can visit the lovekanekei website to get an idea of various photo frame ideas you can use for it.

6. Give your kitchen a trendy look

It is not necessary to reorganize your kitchen top to bottom if you are thinking of giving a trendy touch to your kitchen. You can also make your kitchen look trendy and prepare it Instagram worthy by simply installing a pan pot organizer wall shelf with a towel bar and hooks, which will hold that extra item that is making your kitchen a little messy and clumsy. Lovekaneki has several pots and pan rack options which can make your kitchen life organized.

7. Reorganize your jewellery

Don't know how to keep your favourite bangles and necklaces organized? Just introduce a jewellery organizer which will solve your problem instantly.

8. Try a different look for a kid's room 

Is your kid more into painting? Don't know what to do with those paintings? Need not to worry anymore. Mount a shadow box frame in your kid's room where you can display those paintings – thereby giving a different look to your kid's room. Your kids can cherish those paintings later when they grew up.

9. Take full advantage of open shelves

Now you can put out your pretty pitchers or pattered plates and arrange them on your open shelves and leave them to your guest for rich admiration.

10. Style your bookshelf

Messy shelves make an entire room look disorganized and unattractive. To avoid that rearrange the books on your shelf in an attractive manner. further, add decorative items such as pottery or framed pottery or framed photos to one or two shelves. You can also leave space on some shelves here and there so that your eyes have a place to rest. This gives a simple yet trendy look to your house.

These are some quick-fix ideas that can instantly transform your plain and simple house into a luxurious and exotic house. Try these ideas and do give your feedback!

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