6 Stylish and Easy Organizers for Your Home!

Tidy and chic spaces are a heavenly welcome for any living space, work your way to clear notorious clutter with these nifty organizers. Love Kankei brings you a collection of multi functional interior decor items that come in handy while creating a stunning room. We recommend stylish organizing tips that will enhance the ambience while maintaining the vibrance.

Wall hanging Corner Shelf
  1. Corner Mail stack

Obviously there is no dedicated place for all the mail and other miscellaneous that you receive in a city apartment. You cannot clutter the doorway with an elegant table or any other kind of furniture display. Hence the easiest solution is to use the corner walls, place tier corner shelves near the entryway for extra storage. Adorn these shelves with a mail organizer, key storage, notes from your kids school in a neat shoe box, little artifacts and small sized photo frames. You can also place colorful ceramic jars on the shelf and store sunglasses, extra jewelry or any other items for a quick pick up as you walk out of the door.

  1. Avoid Pantry clutter

We keep eating all the space in the pantry by storing all the new items along with the old. Instead use the kitchen spice rack to organize jars or glass containers with old pantry items like snacks, open pickle bottles, cookies, pet foods and other items. Thus this method will free up lot of space in the pantry for newer cooking stock. Organize the space like a super market exhibit and it will become effortless to fetch out items while whipping up a gourmet meal.

  1. Cabinet converter

Remodel the bathroom cabinet into a multi storage option by adding storage bins in a stackable fashion. Use the underneath of a cabinet to create extra bathroom storage with this functional idea. This can also be done in the laundry room to store detergent, soaps, washed towels, clean sheets, etc. An excellent way to fashion out a vanity space if you lack one in your current bathroom. Display all of your spa collections, scented candles, aromatic incense sticks and other bath essentials.

  1. Jewel Ambience

Bored of keeping all of your jewelry in tight spaced drawers and dresses, bring them out for a stunning show off. Place them on a jewelry organizer made out of metal and wood, then exhibit them on floating wooden shelves like a royal collection. Keep your gems safe with a glass display, add rings and bracelets at the bottom. Use the tiered stands as support for  delicate statement pieces, gold chains, and gorgeous earrings. Add books on these shelves to fashion out a funky featured wall for any room.

  1. Handbag/Shoe Galore

Are you a serial handbag collector and are your closets busting with purses of different sizes? Fret not since we have the perfect way to make you proud, just use the empty walls of your bedroom to fashion out a wall display of your collection. Color co-ordinate your handbags on the wall shelves, adorn them according to the sizes, design and daily use. The same can be done with your heels and shoe collection. An exceptional idea when you are lacking the extra closet space. Thus no more shoe clutter under the bed or near the doorway.

  1. Hanging Bars

These simple organizers can be used in the laundry room to hang out clothes that are still wet to air dry before putting them off in the drawers or closets. Add tension rods on the corner walls and create a fashion corner for daily wear. Hang your outfit of the day along with the accessories for a quick morning routine. Place a vanity chest or dresser and a fancy mirror near the clothes hanging area for convenience of getting ready effortlessly.

Love Kankei believes in keeping things at its minimal best, with their vast collection of interior decor items one can stylishly rearrange the home. An uncluttered fresh space is always a healthy welcome.

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