5 Ways to Use Shadow Box as a Interior Decor!

When you got to think out-of-the-box for your decor inspirations look no further because Love Kankei has the perfect interior item that will give your space a unique touch. The shadow box frame is an underrated decorative piece, instead of using it as only a memorabilia, fashion out stunning displays from this vintage styled frame. We give you some exclusive ideas on how to convert your living area into a masterpiece.

ShadowBox Decoration Ideas
  1. Travel and Adventure

Isn’t it cool to have side table art pieces in the bedroom? Imagine having a dreamy glass case as an exhibit and also an ornamental lamp beside your bed. Turn your shadowbox frame into an artsy work by adding a world map inside the frame, mark all the places that you have visited or wish to go with glitter pen. Flaunt with airplane tickets, vouchers, movie tickets from visited places, and other memorable items which you had fun with during your vacation. If you haven’t visited your favorite destinations, then add paper and magazine cut outs to the display; adorn the box with fairy light. This beautiful shadow box decoration will turn into your vision board right beside your bed, dream about these places and plan your next adventure.

  1. Coffee Bean Holder

Think about a funky wall display in the kitchen that holds your coffee beans stylishly – the shadowbox frame. A unique and eccentric way to start your day, this could simply hang like a photo frame or you can actually use the coffee beans from the exhibit to brighten your day. An excellent way to re-model your breakfast area wall, your guests will be amused to see those brunette beans on the wall instead of a glass jar.

   3. Pocket Money Holder

A great way to reward your kids as they learn to help out with the household chores - a shadow box pocket money holder. Drop coins and cash into the boldly painted frame; embellish the holder with other treats to keep your kids entertained. This can be placed in their bedroom or on the kitchen wall shelf as a reminder to leave the house chic and clean after playtime or meals. This could also be converted into a take-out money box holder – plan once in a week family binge nights and use the money collected in the shadow box to order your favorite meals from restaurants.

  1. His/Hers

The vanity area in the bathroom is forever cluttered, if you lack the space to have ornate shelves on the walls then go for shadow box hanging photoframe. Keep things organized by hanging a his/her wooden photo frame on the wall, add soap bars, tooth brush, medicines, lotions, shaving kit, face tissues etc into the box. An ideal way to keep the vanity counter top free of everyday items.

  1. Crafted

Delicate paper craft can find an eye-catchy home with this exclusive wall hanging decorative. Craft city scenes, animals, nature, and other scenic images with paper, paint them or simply deck the shadow box frame with these cut out pictures. It could also be paper caricatures of your loved ones inside the box; this could be a distinctive gift idea. Hang it in the entryway, corner, feature, or passage walls to make the space attractive.

Love Kankei gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity with these shadow box frames, these rustically styled frames will make your walls come alive with imagination.

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