7 Home Decor Ideas To Posh Up Your Kitchen!

A posh kitchen is like a dream come true for any homemaker, but it is also the most tedious task to decorate the most used rooms of the house. Love Kankei believes in making those beautiful ideas about remodelling your kitchen a true vision with its varied home decor products. We have some amazing tips on converting your cooking space into the most happening hang out within the budget.

Wall Shelve decoration
  1. Italian Style

The Italians are big on the food and dining, take cues from the vibrant culture and add open wall shelves in the kitchen. Paint these shelves in bold greens, yellow or pink, array them with glassware, wine glasses, fancy jars with snacks and your daily utensils. This will give the feel of a vintage Italian kitchen, embellish the back splash with patterned wall paper. And most important of all wall paper the ceiling with luxurious farm style print. Ideal for studio apartments that lack large cooking area.

  1. Outdoor Indoor

Are you craving for an outdoor kitchen area? Don’t worry, just decorate your area with garden chairs and table, lay out flower vases on the table and add touches of green with potted plants. Now you will get the feel of enjoying an elegant afternoon tea at your dedicated nook in the kitchen without missing the beauty of a garden. Recreate the backsplash with country inspired French tiles, fashion checkered flooring, and add stainless steel, painted appliances in pastel tones and voila! you are transported into the olden era.

  1. Use Floor Cabinets

Looking for sleek modern and minimalist lines on the wall? Then install all of your kitchen cabinets on the floor level. Thus allowing you to add fancy lighting fixtures on the wall and leaving all the storage and organizer ideas for the cabinets below. The counter tops will be clutter free, including the prep area and the island tops. All of your gadgets, appliances and utensils will fit perfectly in the cabinets below.

  1. Clever Island

Why not use a smaller bar cart as prep station and island? Instead of investing in a huge wooden island, just buy a smaller movable bar table or attractive table for all the extra storage. This can easily convert into a bar counter while hosting parties at home, ideal for small apartments and hosts who love to entertain guests constantly.

  1. Multi-functional

The corner wall remains easily neglected, bring them to use by installing corner shelves that can be used in multiple ways. These eye-catchy wooden shelves can be used as spice racks, extra pantry storage, pets corner, kids snack storage, and also display an abundance of artwork and picture frames. They can also be embellished with cookery books and other attractive items to keep the counter tops uncluttered and chic.

  1. Mirror effect

A mirrored backsplash can give depth and dimension to a dull kitchen space, it will create the illusion of a larger space and also reflect the light in case you are missing an open window. Decorate the counter tops with inspiration quotes or a message board that appears funky with magnetic buttons holding cute posts. Thus, if you lack a bright kitchen them mirroring the walls is an exceptional decor idea.

  1. Disappearing effect

Large wooden panels are the futuristic answer to space constraints, when modern apartments lack the area for a full functional cooking area. Hide all the utensils, pantry and kitchen pot rack behind the stylish structure of the panels, create pull out tables and chairs that conceal into the walls when not in use. Thus, saving lot of floor space with multi dimensional usage.

Love Kankei  allow you to put the underutilized space in the kitchen into good use with its crafty decor items. A small space doesn’t mean you cannot accommodate all the utilities in one place. Make use of these wonderful tips and keep your cooking area spacious and clean.

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