Cunning Easy Tricks To Care Your Jewelry

Once in a while, open your treasure chest and examine the gems and jewels that you have long forgotten for the sleek new modern ones. How often do we fail to keep up with the maintenance of our jewelry collection? The result is always the same, dust and grime are attached to the precious surface and rust or degrade has set in. Either we need to immediately upgrade/repair our collection or follow these simple life hacks to keep the stones and chains in a dazzling condition.

There are subtle signs that we are clandestinely ruining our everyday jewels. While it is promising to wear the wedding ring we often let it collect soap residue while showering, chemical reaction while cleaning and sweat and salt rest on it while sweating out at the gym. This causes it to degrade easily; another way is not noticing loose setting, scratches, and dents. A regular appointment at the local jewelry store for repair is an excellent way of extending the life span of your jewels especially diamond wedding bands.\

Jewelry Tree Stand Black and Weathered Grey

Going to a professional cleaner to remove gunk and residue stuck over time is an ideal option. But cleaning your jewelry at home too is an easy way of keeping things neat and simple. Using club soda and dish soap you can rinse the dirt from gold jewels, for silver jewelry you can use baking soda paste and gently scrub off the dirt. If they are tarnished then placing the silver jewels in a bowl lined with tin foil, baking soda, and hot water can work wonders.

A dazzle stick works perfectly to clean diamonds, gems and precious stones studded jewelry. It effortlessly clears the cervices and dusts off all the scum. Plus, its small shape makes it the ultimate travel companion. Similar gentle treatment can be done with pearl, jewels; a soft-bristled brush dipped into a mild solution of shampoo can be used to clean them. Always remember to completely dry out your jewels after a wash with a microfiber cloth. Before you go out to make sure you put them on last, avoid wearing all your jewelry before applying lotions, hairspray, and perfumes. These might dull the shine and make the jewels look rusty.

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Jewelry storage ideas aren’t just for show; all those velvet-lined vanity boxes and delicately patterned cases are meant to keep your jewels safe. To ensure that your neckpieces remain detangled, earring stay put in pairs and diamonds go unscathed place them in separate compartments or drawers lined in velvet.

Expert advice is to purchase the jewelry tree stand from Love-KANKEI for your exquisite jewelry collection. A uniquely crafted item to keep the statement necklaces detangled, hook all of the colorful earring pieces, and organize all the intricate bracelets. They come in three-tier stand design and also as decorative wall mounts.

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These jewelry organizers can be favorably placed on the dressing table, closet racks, and coffee table centerpieces or by the bed stand. Their eye-catching functional style makes them an attractive piece gift to your loved one. Your family heirlooms and antique jewels can easily be stored into glass cabinets mounted on these three-tiered jewelry stands. Make your collection timeless and quintessential, the hues of silver, gold, and diamond will scintillate and bewitch into a billion bijoux affair of your imagination with these decor accessories.

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