5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Lamp Shades

Lighting up a personal space with a customized lamp shade is a display of creativity and a streak of glamour. Illuminating the dark corners is a bold decor feature, decorated lamp shades are the new interior fashion. There are plenty of DIY tutorials that will guide you into customizing your very own unique home decorative lamp shade. We have a few exquisite designs to share with you for inspiration


Fabric lampshades

Leftover fabric can be used to decorate lampshades, a touch of vintage print, geometric patterns, monotone colors, and dramatic prints can be glued onto the bare lamp shade. This is the easiest way to repair a damaged shade. The end result can be embellished with a satin or silk ribbon on the edges. It not only gives you a clean cut but also allows you to experiment with various designs. If you have a coastal charm going in the room, the shade can be made out of blue striped fabric; an oriental themed room can have red and gold fabric customized lampshade. In short, you can choose whatever theme for your living space and make the shade according to it.


Paper  lampshades

Have a lot of printed craft paper at home? Use them to fancy your lamp shade. Choose a thicker paper to cover the existing framework; rice paper is known to be exquisite as it is not opaque. Glue the paper all around the frame, to adorn it further you can use feathers, beads, sequins, crafty paper cutouts, dried flowers, and small mirrors. Make sure you fireproof the material with a flame-resistant spray so that it doesn’t catch fire when the lamp bulb is heated.


Lace has always been a dreamy material for fashion fabrics, and now it can be used to deck your pretty lamp shade. Use pastel tones when it comes to gluing lace onto the frame; a tulle or sheer fabric will do the trick. Setting a ruffled edge will give it a feminine touch. These lamps can be used for a teen girl bedroom or nursery. You can also DIY satin and silk flowers to adorn the lamp shade. A tasseled edge with a board lace will give it a dramatic and romantic feel.


buttons lampshades

Do not chucks out the odd colored buttons from your stitching box instead use them for embossing your lamp shade. A hot glue gun is enough to stick the colorful buttons onto the shade. Create a pattern of similar colored buttons or use unique colors to highlight the frame. You can mix and match with tiny and large buttons to generate a unique effect.

Personalized messages

Write decorative messages onto a lampshade to make the item personally. You can either paint the letters or simply write them down. Use glitter pens, paper cut-outs or fabric paints to scrawl messages like “Love you,” “You are beautiful” and “Reach for the stars” etc. Embellish with sequins, ribbons, lace, and paper craft.

These DIY lamp shades are an excellent way to create countless memories; you can gift them if you are running tight on budget. Ideal for weddings, birth anniversaries, a parting gift, bridal shower, and baby shower. Love-Kankei has a range of decorative wall shelves that can come in handy while placing the lamp strategically to beautify your living space.  

When are you decorating yours?

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