How to Have Fun with your Home Decoration

There is always some amount of upgrade work to be done when it comes to home decor. Having eternal pieces is boring, mixing up and re-arranging decor items around the house will switch up the glam game. Sometimes simple tricks with mundane decoration items can change the ambiance of any room.

We have such inspiring tips to have fun with your home decoration.

Let’s find out:

An Entrance Gallery Wall

entrance wall gallary

You might be having plenty of family memories stored in the attic, maybe some old pictures of your ancestors or family members. These frames can be put to use elegantly with a traditional or modern entryway. Re-color an old table with blue-gold accents or bold yellow, red. Place it in the entryway; decorate it with a large porcelain bowl to hold all your keys. Lean these photo frames against the wall on the table or simply mount them. They will give a stunning makeover when guests walk in through the door. You can also mount some striking artwork, or your handpainted decorations to add some personal touch.

Sheep skin on Chairs

Breakfast nooks look empty most of the times, to add style make it comfortable and add faux sheepskin on the chairs. Not only will it immediately make the space cozy, but also add some drama in detail in the kitchen. These pieces are affordable, and you can always move them around the house.

Introduce new throw pillows


Throw pillows are vibrant, warm, and chic with their presence in any room. Place them on the sofa, couch, floor, bed, and even reading nooks and voila, your living area is transformed in an instant. Layer them out; choose a different pattern, style, material, and size in every room. Mix and match these to make the combinations look contrast in a setting. These are great to lounge around while having a house party.

Spruce up the Powder room

It is easily forgotten space due to its tiny tight space, powder rooms might not be an attractive area to redo, but they need attention too. A blush pink color on the walls or a striking wall design with innovative wallpaper can immediately grab eyeballs. Add some wall shelves with dainty sculptures to complete the look.

Reupholster your room

Add a rustic stool by the fireplace; change the style of the fire with marble. Upholster your sofa and chairs with luxurious leather. Change the curtains and go for drapes that have a rich texture like silk, satin, and lace. Color the living area in a vivid shade or add a pop of color with abstract artwork. You can also give the color block treatment to your walls; opt for a bold shade or two neutral shades. Geometric pottery as focal pieces can be statements in a large living area. Install new light fixtures around the room; you can even create an accent wall with modern LED lighting. For an even impressive makeover, if you have wooden floors, you can paint them too. For further impact and comparative intrigue, hang an outsized mirror. Keep the design and flow uncomplicated and sleek; make it look classy yet vintage.

Things do not have to break the budget while decorating your house; Love-Kankei is here to add that piece de resistance further. Turn any nook inside your house to glamorous space with their home decor items. Be it the organizing your precious jewelry collection, displaying your family tree, neatly having a hanging herb garden in the kitchen, or putting away your fresh towels with him/her theme. Your guests will be swooning over every of these statement pieces, and they give a positive vibe to any living space.

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