Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3 Weathered Grey

Home is where your heart resides and heart resides where you find a pleasant vibe. While moving into a new home or planning for renovation and remodeling, you will come across many home decorative ideas from online forums, magazines or simply out of your mind. Choosing the best among them can be quite the daunting task as once incorporated, it is hardly possible that you can change them right away.

Hence, it is recommended to have clear insight of what you desire for your perfect home and what matches with the setup of the household. Here are five hacks to get a chic and decorative home

Add Stylish Picture Frames That Tell Your Story

What can be more decorative than showcasing your treasured memories on the wall with the help of wall-mounted collage picture frames?  You can either display pictures of family moments of school and college life, a vacation or just mixed memories clipped one after the other. If dusting is an issue or you have little kids who can tug at the pictures, get a Shadowbox frame display case with wooden framed glass door and keep the pictured pinned inside safely like a memorabilia.

Love-KANKEI Photo Picture Frame

Organize Your Clothes With Closet Divider Shelves

Although the self separators or dividers are perfect example of home organizer, be it for bedroom or kitchen, they are often used in wardrobes as closet separators. Those who are not really fond of organizing clothes in wardrobe or often throw clothes here and there inside the bedroom, the closet divider shelves can be perfect option to keep the house clean from any unlaundered or dirty clothes.   

Keep Showpieces On Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves

Floating wooden shelves are the new trends being incorporated in almost every household. These rustic wood shelves can easily hold various types of souvenirs, delicate showpieces or even books and records neatly against the backdrop of the wall. The shelves sets can be customized easily according to your desire.

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

Organize Bathroom With Squeegee And Paper Towel Holder

Nothing mars the impression of a guest more than a dirty bathroom with water and soap deposits. To get rid of such nuances, get a shower squeegee with rubber blade that can easily glide over the glass doors of a shower or the bathroom mirror. You can also use the easily replaceable wiper made of stainless steel to clean the bathroom walls.

At the same time, a bathroom organizer is all you need to keep your clothes and towels neatly arranged while taking bath. The wall mounted wooden or stainless steel racks are also useful to keep the sanitary products organized. Don’t forget to add paper towel holder inside counter or beneath cabinet.

Keep Utensils Properly On Cookware Organization Set

As a matter of fact, kitchen gets dirty and disheveled like no other space of your home and here comes the need of a kitchen organizer that can keep utensils perfectly organized in one place. These pot and utensil organizer sets often come with different compartments for pots, plates etc and hooks for spoons, forks, ladles etc. With ample space, these organizers are also sturdy and painted to avoid rust.     

Everything starting from the furniture to the shelves, cabinets to curtains and other household items –all reflect your choice and idea of a perfect nest. Be it a minute paper tower organizer to something big like wall mounted shelf, it is up to you how you keep your house decorative.


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