Inspiring Interior Decorating & Organizing Ideas

Clever designs are inspired by daily living, you really do not need expensive stuff all the time to make your interiors look luxurious. We have some fine-tuned organizational tips to go with your decor needs that will instantly brighten up the ambiance.

Regal Slipcovers:

Troubled that your precious sofa and lounge area gets messed up with pets and kids? Fret not we have an easy solution to all those cleaning woes. Slipcovers are the new decor trend, dress up your sofa, cushions, armchairs and other furniture with washable slipcovers. They come in a variety of patterns, textures, materials, and designs. These not only make the living room furniture manageable but also keep things fresh and clean.


Jewelry Orgainiser

These are the rarest piece of decor and mostly underestimated, but can be used as valuable means of storing all kinds of stuff. Ottomans are handy as a centerpiece in the living room, they look eye-catchy and come with attractive shapes and features. You can also use them as an alternative for bedside side tables, an excellent jewelry storage idea  for apartments that lack dressing table space. You can also place them in bathrooms to store bath products, larger ones can store blankets, towels, extra clothing, bedding furnishings and knick-knacks like books. Multipurpose in every way ottomans should reign the interior scene when it comes to designing.

Wallpaper your Bookshelves:

Wall hanging Shelves

Choose a stunning wallpaper and blend it in with the existing wall mounted bookshelves, it will not only enhance the wall background but also create an exciting feature wall. You can color coordinate the wallpaper with the book collection for a pop-up effect. Simple pastel designs can be themed with rustic wooden shelves for a traditional farmhouse style settings. In modern apartments, you can pair bold wallpaper for an eccentric vibe.

Contemporary Benches:

Bring about royal elegance with contemporary tufted benches in the hallway and entryway. You can effortlessly store umbrellas, coats, dry shoes, and other items without messing your entry point with the muddled display. They are also chic lounge furniture to sit down and put on your shoes. You can also keep them at the foot of your bed for extra storage space for woolen and knitted blankets, sweaters, and other winter items.

Photo Frames:

Wall decoration hanging photo frames

Multiple collage frames, like the ones designed by Love-KANKEI home accessories, is trendy and a smart way to exhibit a large number of pictures at a time. You can even create a theme-based picture display for each room with these wall hanging photo frames. Print out instant photos to make your office and home space look spectacular with these aesthetic wooden frames.

Love-KANKEI makes things special with its innovative home accessories, they not only prove to be a practical source of organized setting but also keep things good as new. The tree jewelry stand can be accommodated into any given space to sort out your jewelry needs. The floating wall mounts keep things interesting in a chaotic kitchen and also provide extra storage space. The napkin and tissue holder gives easy access to cleanliness, these indigenous items are attractive in office spaces too.

Keep a spot ready in your decor planning for Love-KANKEI items because we are sure once you fall in love with their adaptability you will never buy any other home accessory product.

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