5 Innovative Ways to Make People Fall in Love with Your Home Again

Everything turns out to be a routine in life if there is no magic and excitement and that includes stepping into your house. The ambiance of your living space resonates with your mood and personality indirectly. So if things are chaotic in your life, then we are sure your house must be a mess, if things are colorful then your rooms will be filled with a riot of bold items, and finally, if you are at peace then there will be a minimalist approach to your interior plans.

home decorative

We want you to shake things up a bit and re-decorate your living space so that your loved ones fall in love with all of the beauty that they see as soon as they step in. Besides that, you create the perfect luxurious pad to unwind and relax after a long day. The one activity that you enjoy is having a hot bubble bath after a stressful day. Make every day an uninvited spa invitation with creative bathroom shelves  that hold aromatic candles to mesmerize your senses. Shampoos, exquisite bath essentials and plenty of clean towels to complete your home spa experience.

bathroom shelves

DIY and paint the shelves according to the theme set in the bathroom, shelves on either side of the huge vanity mirror are also practical. They can be your hands-on beauty and medicine cabinet. Plus, if you have frequent guests at home, then they are ideal storage space for extra towels, bathroom slippers, and morning routine essentials.

Grandma sure left a lot of legacies when it comes to cookbooks and delicious recipes, while you carry on with those family traditions you need plenty of space for all your cookery items. Rustic wall shelves  hold all the appliances, recipe books and make for the dainty exhibit as well for delicate chinaware and crockery. It could also mean setting up your own herb garden in a tight apartment space. The shelves will also be the main conversation point for all of your visitors to indulge in some vintage cooking.

wall decorative shelves

If you are dealing with a chaotic entryway just install wooden wall storage shelves  on either side of the main door. This will be a welcoming space to add art and elegant decor. You could also place mirrors, family pictures, and other artifacts. Beautify the space by enclosing it with carved wooden doors to make storage space in the wall for all your shoes. A chic and de-cluttered entryway brings in positive vibes and blessings.

living room wall decoration

Love-KANKEI home accessories spell awe and magic, they can be placed in any room for an instant stylish makeover. The stunning wall hanging photo frames   bring in nostalgia and connect you with your loved ones. Place them as a focal point in your living or bedrooms; they are ideal decor element for feature walls. The geometric inspired tiny wall vases are ornate objects for personal office space; you can grow flowers or decorate it with bonsai for good luck. They bring in color and charm, the kitchen countertops can be embellished with metal paper towel holders. These dispensing stations are handy while having a party or jamboree at home.


Whatever the mood is Love-KANKEI designs are here to blend in with the contemporary and minimalist styles. Expect your guests to complement your design style and admire these stunning items for a long time to come.

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