5 Home Secrets To The Soothing Style In Modern Interior Design

When it comes to modern deco there are open flooring concepts, lots of artwork on the walls and open shelves. It stems from the minimalist idea of keeping the interiors simple yet eye-catchy.

There are no frills and fancies attached to the contemporary design style, if you are a fan of having large open spaces with opulent functional furniture, then your home is a reflection of a millennial trend. The incorporation of ‘Less is More’ with open wooden shelves in the kitchen, bookshelves installed into the walls, a montage of picture frames, etc not only provide added storage but also look chic and vibrant. They seamlessly blend in with any interior style, if you are planning on renovating your space into a modern state-of-art home then these designing secrets will come in handy.

Bold Accent Walls and Bookshelves:

Desire a featured wall with a minimalist approach? Why spend most part of the budget on expensive columns and wall shapes in your house, you can effortlessly choose a wall as a focal point and color it bold. Then install rustic wall mounted bookshelves and voila! You have a vibrant center of attention; keep its contrast, the color of the wall and the bookshelf color, gold-toned shelving with black painted walls look luxurious. Switch to geometric patterns while installing the shelves for displaying depth and character to the wall.

If you are painting the wall in pastel tones then an eccentric blue or red with the shelves will make them eye-popping. If you are not a fan of colors then simply choose a patterned wallpaper to keep the creativity flowing. Add leather furniture with thick carpet on the floor and you have the perfect reading nook.

Unlikely Art Shapes:

Abstract art and unlikely shapes are a big hit with modern art; the same can be done by hanging adjustable photo frames on the walls. They need not flow in a uniform structure, instead of frames that hold multiple pictures are the latest trend. Also, if you have a tiny space, then adding collage frames enhances the ambiance by becoming conversation starters. A single large piece of art on the wall keeps things appealing, avoid going for the gallery style while donning your space with modernity.

Open Concept:

Having an open concept kitchen that merges with the living room makes the area spacious. You can keep things clean and clutter-free from the countertops by adding floating shelves with towel bar in the kitchen, these open shelves are great storage solutions. Line them up with recipe books, tiny pots of plants, pots, pans and spice jars. You can even add a little pantry in the corner with these wooden shelves, thus creating a balance while daily chores of cooking. The island can be converted into a breakfast nook with tiered serving trays, a modern-day concept for large families living in small spaces.

Large windows:

More natural light and less of the artificial ceiling lights, give your room access to large open windows. They bring in the fresh air and illuminate your space brightly even during the night, your energy consumption will go low and you will actually do a favor to the planet. Dress up the windows with frilly curtains and rich velvet, create lush seating below them by placing a thick rug and large throw pillows, you will love to spend time enjoying the view.

Materials that age well:

When it comes to building the interior refer to the materials that age well, lots of wood, concrete, and natural stone. These resonate firm lines and textures by creating a fluid ambiance between the indoors and the outdoors. You can create a stunning masterpiece by adding plants within the rooms and large open doors that have easy access to the greenery outdoors.

Achieve a timeless quality with Love-KANKEI accessories; they have unique interior products that are curated and fit for any modern structure. The wooden shelves blend in with any color palette, the picture frames are the pinnacle of luxury living and the jewelry organizers execute sophistication. An aficionado of sleek lines and design will love the tips that we have just offered for a complete modern transformation.


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