What To Do With Empty Wall Space In Home?

In most of the homes, the main focal point in the living room would be big window, plasma TV, or a fireplace. So how are you are going to take advantage of that big empty white wall space?

Would you like to take advantage of the big blank walls throughout your home by adding a little do it yourself project or adding something useful?

Wall decoration ideas

Why not think of decorating the wall of your living room where people tend to gather. If you are focusing on the empty wall in the living room near the TV or fireplace, then think about adding some wall arts behind the sitting area.

Empty walls are the best place where you can display your innovative ideas and making it the main attraction of your room.

Wall art idea: Mirror wall on the wall

Like hanging art together gallery-style, a mass of mirror provides a lovely way to decorate a large wall in the living room.

You can do one huge mirror, or you can even make a collage out of small mirrors making it a beautiful piece of art. Mirrors help to reflect light, making the room look bigger and stunning. This becomes a beautiful idea if you are having a small space, this art will help you to create illusion thereby making the room look spacious. You can often find different vintage mirrors at thrift stores for less than the price of the art.

Paintings – Create and Recreate

If you really wanted to create wall drama but do not know where to start? No matter, what room it is a group of paintings immediately draws the eyes to create impact. You can further enhance it by using black hanging photo frames. This will add an extra drama to your empty walls making it more attractive. You can make the empty wall space more interesting by making them functional. To make it more interesting you can affix a set of wall hooks to create a pretty space that also works hard for your family.

Go 3D

Instead of just hanging art directly on your empty wall space, why not try decorating it up on decorative wall brackets or 5-tier corner shelf. By doing this you can boost visual interest and you can also change whatever you feel like – antiques vases one day, framed prints the next. To further enhance it you can have LED lights on the top of the shelf making it the spotlight of the room. This will create a huge impression on your guests at first glance.

Create your own gallery on a blank wall

Nothing can be better than hanging your rare collection art in groups. The colors, textures, and patterns help you to eliminate negative space and give you a beautiful finished look. You can use wooden picture frame with clips to hang your beautiful art on the wall. This will help you to create your own gallery where you can show off your painting skills.

There are various ideas that we have discussed on this blog, hope this will help you in transforming your empty wall into an interesting subject.




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