8 Easy Interior Unexpected Decoration & Storage Ideas

Haven’t you re-decorated your home in a decade or just want an easy trick to perk up an old -fashioned sofas? If you are thinking that unexpected decoration means spending a lot of money to get world-class designers designing your house, then you are wrong. Before planning to spend a huge amount of money let us inform you that we have compiled a list of the most inspiring ways to liven up your living room after borrowing some of the best décor ideas from bloggers and designers.

We know storage space is never easy to come by, but this is true in the living room, where you are willing to maintain a level of comfort. Since it requires a lot of creativity to get most out of every nook and cranny, we have shared a list of some of the unexpected and transformative storage ideas. Whether you decide to a add a pop of pattern or set the scene with an eye-catching area rug, these tips will help you to create a stylish and beautiful home to live in.

To further delight you we have discussed stylish storage ideas which will help to organize your home and keep it clutter-free.

Opt for clever furniture

Do you know that sofa offers extended storage with the built-in wood surface, proving the fact that stylish furniture can be both functional and comfortable at the same time?  These offer up a larger side table and blackboard to hang your loose items, such as a pair of your headphones. Do not worry if you do not have enough space for a sofa or you have already invested in a sofa and do not want to get a new one at this time, then the trick is to utilize all your surface areas to keep things looking clean. These tricks can really help you to achieve the way you want to store your things.

Ditch your bulky furniture

No matter how many nooks and crannies you use, sometimes there is just not enough room to store all your things. But this certainly means that your belongings have to stay strewn about your furniture and floors. Instead, you can think differently about using your walls and ceilings to make your living room look large in size and more organized. In such ideas, rustic floating corner shelves turn out to be more stylish and functional. Even you can also use hanging hooks o keep your linens, blankets, and hats nice and tidy. We all love those ideas which help you to store your items and also make your room stylish at the same time.

Use cubbies

Let us tell you that cubbies are not just for kindergarteners. Do you know that a simple, cubby-like shelf can be your great storage solution without taking the limelight away from the statement piece and overall ambiance? Yes, you heard it right! If you place them away in the corner, you can easily hide technology and other devices as well. By doing this you can hardly see the speakers peeking out from behind your chic coffee table book. If you think that this still doesn’t offer you much enough space, then you can start stacking your belongings atop the windowsills.

Reinvent what already you have

If you leave your towels laying around, they make your space feel more cluttered and less formal, so you need to tuck them away when you are not using them. For this, you can mount floating shelf with  towel bar. You can keep them at the corner of your room and can make the corner effortlessly elegant. It is the perfect example of how to stay organized in a small space in a small budget. Rather than just shoving everything into a closet or need to buy a new large chest of drawers, you can make use of the furniture that you already have.

Show-off your Bar Cart

Bar cart is great because you can use them for makeshift shelves, side tables, and drawers. They are ideal for lofts and studios when the dining, kitchen and living areas flow into each other. You can just as easily use it to display your decorative items and store your necessities if you are not thinking about concealing them.

Thinking out of the walls

If you are thinking that walls can be of no help in storing things then you are wrong. If you have children at home and they are too much into a drawing or other arts then you can frame their art other than disposing of them. Even you can mount a family hanging photo frame on your wall and can frame the beautiful memories of your life and turn the wall into a wall of memories.

Consider customizing your space

If you are not willing to invest in customized furniture that offers built-in storage drawers, it is definitely worth it. You can even add a more personalized touch to your home, but it works great for families with lots of belongings to organize and store. if your media console s already packed to the brim, you can tuck your remote and other devices in a drawer underneath the sofa.

I Hope, these ideas will be of great help to you and you can store your items accordingly and make your room stylish as well.

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