Stunning Storage Solutions For No Space!

Running out of space? Well if you have recently moved into a small house then this is the major problem that you are facing right now. Having said that, tiny homes hold the secret to clever storage, with their well-placed shelves and multi-functional furniture. However, some of you will just leave it to your designers to design and making space for your extra stuff. But what if you are not planning to invest much amount of your money into it? You can go through blogs as an alternative to finding clever ideas solving the problem of storing your things. Well, we have discussed some brilliant storage ideas for small bedrooms, small bathrooms, small kitchen, and your living room.

Get an organized Kitchen for yourself

Have you ever thought that your life in the kitchen can become more organized than before if you manage to install some storage system and get rid of unnecessary clutter? Well, a plethora of extra storage space is unleashed in the kitchen by surrounding the doorway with cabinets. You can store the lesser-used items higher up, while a smaller cube shelf rests on the countertop to store smaller, everyday items. Install kitchen wall shelves where you can display decorative plates, teacups, and other items of crockery. You can also install a small spice rack where you can keep your spices together so that you no longer need to go out on an expedition for a particular spice hunt – thereby keeping your kitchen clutter-free. An organized kitchen always looks welcoming!

Keep your Small bathroom clutter-free

Who would like to get into the bathroom with all your toiletries scattered over the floor? I guess no one! So, if you are running out of floor space and storage system in your small bathroom, then why not utilizing your walls? You can maximize the space in your tiny bathroom by installing wall corner shelves with all your items arranged and kept on to it. Like this, you can make create some space in your bathroom.

Say goodbye to the traditional bed!

I love those beds that come with an inbuilt storage system. It solves half of your problem of storing things. This is rather brilliant, space-saving tricks. The items that you don’t need on a regular basis can be stored in those raised beds. Further, you can also utilize the space above your bedroom door. Well, if you are able to find enough space to keep your extra stuff then you can definitely install floating wall shelves where you can keep your surplus items without modifying the existing decoration of your room an inch. You can try this out, it is really a cool idea!

Living room and bookshelves

Is your coffee table is overflowing with your monthly magazine? Well, you can find a permanent solution to this problem by installing wooden shelves where you can keep your books and magazines and making it one of the props of your home decoration.

Many times people stay confused regarding how to decorate the plain wall of their living room. Do you know that you can simply turn that blank, mundane wall of your living room into a wall of displaying your collections? You can show off your souvenir or your antique collection by arranging them on display shelve and make it the center of attraction. If you are willing to keep your guests in further awe then you can arrange for an LED light setup highlighting the items on your display shelves. This is how you magically transform your dull and regular wall into a masterpiece. By this, you can kill two birds with one big stone!

Set your library on wheels!

Have you heard about shifting your library from room to room if you get bored with its placement in one place? Well, now you can make it happen by setting your library on wheels. Get a storage rack with wheels and utilize it creatively and give a dramatic makeover to your house.

Introduce multifunctional furniture

Have you heard of furniture that serves a dual purpose? Like a sofa with pull-out storage space, an ottoman that opens for extra space. Well, such furniture is gaining popularity! Think of replacing your traditional bed with a pull-out sofa, then you can make enough space to do your regular exercise or simply lie down on the floor to enjoy your leisure.

It is not about how much we invest to decorate our house. It is all about how you're putting your creative mind into a business. You can simply repurpose any of to be thrown out items into a storage system! Nothing can beat a creative mind. If you lack one, then you can simply run into a few of our blogs and get stunning storage solutions for no space.

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