Genius Home Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Space

Has it ever occurred to us that revamping your home décor can instantly transform your space? If you are thinking that revamping your living room or your bedroom is an arduous task or you need a world-class designer to do it for you, then let me tell you this is not the case. All you need to do is repurpose the items that you already have instead of throwing them away.

So from where do, we begin with? I think to start with the living room with be the best idea. The living room is arguably one of the most important spaces in your house. It handles much of the traffic as your family gathers at night, where you wind down on a Saturday afternoon, and where your guests first rest their eyes, the moment they enter your house. So, it is absolutely natural to make your living room look good and magazine-ready. Re-decorating a room might seem thrilling to you but it also a challenging task at the same time. So if your living room along with the rest of the house is looking uninspiring then I am sure it needs to redesigned. Well, there are tons of easy ways to transform your space magnificently without spending a ton of time or money – and it can look as attractive as you want just by moving some of your furniture.

Change the position of your furniture:

The task is as simple as it sounds! If you are willing to refresh your room then you can try by shifting some of your furniture. Is your furniture pushed up against the wall? Try floating it in the middle of the room. Is there too much space between your seating arrangements? Consider dividing your space into multiple zones. But do you know none of the ideas can work really well if you do not think of decluttering your space? This will automatically refresh your room. To enhance it further mount corner wall shelves where you can display your antique collections.

Bid adieu to your previous view

The classic layout in a living room is to position the sofa to face the TV, but what if they are facing the window or another sofa instead? By this, you can break the classic layout of a room making it stand out from other houses where sofas face the TV. You can position your TV differently which can be viewed both from the dining room and living room as well. By this, you can balance the traffic of one room.

Re-hang your curtains

Are your curtains hung just below the ceiling and wide beyond the edge of your window? How about re-hanging them? You can place your curtains as high and wide as possible! This will make your window appear larger and allow more natural light to enter the room – making it look more expensive. You can also push them aside during the day!

Embrace your love for antique!

Sometimes, you just need one antique to give brand new space a little character. Whether you have a knack of collecting from the places you visit during your vacay, or scour your local vintage store for something unique they can always make your space more elegant and beautiful. You can also display them on wooden display shelves!

Add greenery

A little greenery will always make a room feel more refresh. Whether you only have the space for a small low-maintenance succulent, or if you would rather invest time and energy into a large fiddle-leaf fig tree. It is not always important that you need to have your antique or art collection displayed on your wall. With some plants you make your room look as interesting as with displaying your art collections on your wall.

Reorganize your bookshelves!

Are you a book lover? Do you have bookcases in your living room? Take everything out and re-organize them. Remove any items that are no longer serving any purpose to you or look relevant to you anymore. Like this, you can get rid of unnecessary things! Your can rea-arrange your books on your bookshelves or you can change the position of them by transferring them to multiuse wall shelves.

Create your own wall of Gallery

We spend a lot of money buying things to décor our wall which can add a new definition to our room. Why not spend that money instead of buying hanging photo frames? You can hang your artwork enclosed on those frames and transform your wall into a wall of the gallery. If you are fond of photography you can also display the best photographs and can turn it into some classy room exhibition flaunting your hobbies or things you do for your living.

Introduce corner shelves

Do you know that by installing corner shelves you can not only make your room look spacious but can also keep your things organized? You can also use them as additional storage for your living room with corner wall shelves.

I hope these ideas will help you to redecorate your space and make it look stunning and luxurious than before without spending a penny. Repurpose the items in a creative manner that can make your space look really beautiful? Try some of these ideas and leave us to comment below!



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