Organize Small Home with Wall Wooden Floating Shelves

Small homeowners need not fret about the lack of space; they can turn their tight living areas into a million dollar interior wonder. By utilizing the wall space for attractive exhibits, the whole ambiance of the room can be changed in an instant. Wooden vintage looking floating shelves are the key to organized chic breathing space.

floating Shelves for Home

Love-Kankei has come up with innovative wooden floating shelves for your walls. Turn up the glamour by mounting them onto hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living area walls. They are stylishly shaped to fit any needs, providing stunning traditional as well as sophisticated options.

These are the ultimate storage solution for personal memorabilia’s, art sculptures, and framed photos. Maybe even a unique way of growing a vertical garden right in your living room. A master stroke decor challenge will be mounting these floating shelves as book space for a featured accent wall. The smooth, clean lines will define the space and give a pop of a bygone era in a modern room setting. The amalgamation of minimalist and contemporary styles will provide a dynamic contrast to the room.

Floating shelves for small Living room

You can even paint these wall shelves with exclusive DIY tutorials available online, and they will blend in with the theme of the room seamlessly. When you mount these shelves near the T.V. on the wall, it instantly converts into a home theatre unit. If you have a central fireplace and do not want to crowd the mantle, then mounting these floating shelves above the fireplace will give additional storage space. You can flaunt family pictures, a clock, art pieces, and other items easily.

Bathroom products like fresh towels and beauty supplies are hard to store if space is tight. Floating shelves cover this issue perfectly; you can fit all your bath merchandise in style. Any food enthusiast will not feel content with smaller cooking space, to expand the area with cookware, utensils, and other essential items one can install floating shelves. Store away your elegant pickle collection, spice jars, plates, and ladles. Handy dark wooden shelves near the bar area are a blessing to store wine glasses and bottles. They not only enhance the look and feel of the room but also multi-task on all levels.

floating shelves for the bathroom

Ideal for individuals who work from home and lack proper office space, floating shelves can take care of all the stationary and file storage needs. A series of floating shelves will look like neatly done cabinet space on the wall. You can keep all your framed certificates and administrative items intact. Also, it will be out of the reach of small children and pets, no damage done to the precious items.

Use these shelves as storage for laundry items and putting away cleaning supplies. Obtain an organized house with these multi-purpose wooden floating shelves. Now you do not need bulky furniture taking up maximum legroom, the novel idea of a floating shelf has become the new interior fad for designers and homemakers alike.

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