Home Organizer Guidelines For Weekends

With the KonMari method of de-cluttering becoming famous on the television screens, it is time to adapt this minimalist approach to organize everything in life. What better time than to spend the weekend sprucing up your home and making it shiny new. Re-model your home with these simple tips and make it a sanctuary for relaxation only.

Storing all the clutter is not the problem, but sorting is, we have so many items in our house that are unnecessary. Maybe you are a hoarder and love to buy everything off the shelves when discount and sales hit the stores. But what happens when these items lay unattended within the house. It creates a lot of junk, starts by sorting out the ones you need, the ones you can donate and the ones you can throw in the trash. Make separate piles of each, and within no time you will have cleared extra space in every nook and corner.

It is essential to focus on beginning with the garage and end it with the inner rooms or vice versa. Do not mix up items from all the rooms at once and create confusion. Follow a systematic order and keep up with it till all the space is cleared.

When it comes to de-clutter, ask yourself, while decluttering - do you need the item? If you don't sell it or reuse it for any other space. If the item has no such use, then trash it. Do not hoard for the sake of having your room space filled up. A minimalist room has much more positive vibes to it than a crowded room. Start with a closet purge, resell all the extra clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories organized. Do the same for your work desk, living area, and kitchen cabinets.

There are plenty of DIY videos that one can watch to take tips. There are ready-made storage units that can be used to fit onto the back of any door. You will save tonnes of space under your bed and everywhere else. Plus, you will not trip on shoes and slippers anymore. The same method can be applied to the kitchen door when there is a lack of space, turn it into a cleaning supplies storage unit.

There might be extra clothing that can be switched into plush cushion covers, duvet covers, made into curtains, etc. Additional material that can be used to upholster your sofa's and lounge areas. Extra paint in the garage that can be used to re-paint any room for a fresh look. Leftover wallpaper can be used in the powder room. Make use of the items to renovate the decor and style of your rooms. Record the transformation for a cool DIY video of your own to post on the social media channels.

Also, make sure to carry out a cleaning routine every weekend, deep and rejuvenating clean up for all your rooms. Polish the woods, dust the window sills, remove the cow-webs, wash the cars, clean the gadgets in the kitchen and finally put fresh flowers in every room to lift the ambiance.

Enjoy your weekend!

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