Need an Hour to Make Your Home in Professional Organized
Did you know there is a career option known as the Professional Organizer? These professionals actually help home owners to tidy up their clutter and keep their living spaces looking chic. But we are not here to hire any one of them for you, in fact, we are here to give you some inspirational tips on clearing out the negative energy within your house on your own. Manifest encouraging vibes in your personal space as well as outdoor living space with minimal modifications.

A grand Entryway

Forget about putting up comfy benches, shoe racks and chairs. Dazzle your entryway with an elaborate gallery wall instead. We know it’s common to place family pictures in the living room or the hallway, but choose to be unconventional and introduce huge wall hanging photo frames to make the entry look colossal. A set of black and white photos with wooden framed accents will capture the right imagination and also mesmerize your guests. They will also play a quick introduction to your family members and be great conversation starters.

Old Music Records

In this speed age of technology one really likes the laid back sessions with classic music records. If you have a great family passed down collection of such gems, then installing rustic floating corner shelves will be ideal to place all of your precious selections. You can also maintain them in glass bound showcases with spot lighting fixtures. It will almost look like an artistic exhibit on the barren wall plus the shelves will add a touch of sophisticated mystic. So dust your art and music items from old attics and boxes and fix them on open shelves for better use.

corner shelf wall

Eccentric Traveller Bathroom

The bathroom is no longer the least functional space in the house anymore, you practically start and end luxurious routines there. So the best way to draw in positive inspiration is by adding bathroom shelves to the walls. Use all the memorabilia’s you have collected during your travel escapes and put them on these shelves. They will be a constant reminder of your bohemian spirit and release soothing memories to reflect upon while you sit with a glass of wine in the bathtub during stressful situations.

The Unorganized Organized Kitchen

Where do the guests first walk into when they come home? The kitchen! Yes, keeping your cooking space less chaotic is a challenge. But having kitchen wall shelves built in makes for the lost messiness. These open shelves can hold all of your cooking utensils, wine collection, glasses and pots. They can also be the perfect spot to store unused appliances and other knick knacks. It might look a bit unorganized, while on an open display, but you can compensate it with neat counter tops and kitchen islands. You can also explore your green thumb by introducing herb garden in pots on these shelves.

Love - KANKEI has the best selection of home decor accessories that can put even the most experienced professional organizers to shame. So now if you are a newly wed getting into the routine or a young mother looking to keep things in place or simply a working professional who doesn’t have all the time in the world to organize things around the house. Then invest in these practical everyday home accessories items and it will take only an hour to turn your living space into a positive sanctuary.

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