3 Wonderful Ways to Create Home Bar Counter

Home parties are the best and when it comes particularly around the holiday season. Get ready to be inspired by our design choices for a chic home bar counter. It will make you the most favored host of the season.

We all have ideas about stocking our wine and hard drinks proudly for the world to see. A home bar counter is an ideal space for a quick nightcap or entertaining guests. There are numerous innovative designs that are functional and pleasing to the eyes when it comes to exhibiting all your liquor collection. We have some mind-blowing bar ideas that will fit any decor.

Liquor Cabinet:

Do you have pets or kids at home and want to keep their hands off the wine bottles? Then install a discreet liquor cabinet at any given corner of the house. It could be in your bedroom, the corner wall of the living room, or the kitchen. An effortless DIY project that can be carried out with wall mounted floating shelves. Build a rustic cabinet complete with white doors or a bold touch to the ambiance by painting the cabinet in vibrant colors. You are bound to get extra storage space for all your fascinating drinks if you stay in a tiny apartment too. You can even get artistic and paint intriguing or wacky bar signs on the cabinet doors for eye-catchy effect.

Piano Bar Counter:

For those who are not musically inclined and have an old piano at home, well that can become an antique bar piece. It could as well be the show stopper at the center of the living room. All of your guests could gather around the piano counter for hearty conversations and drinks. Complete the whole sophisticated look by installing wall mounted shelves behind the grand old piano bar counter. You can store old music records or books for further entertainment of the guests. Else simply exhibit art on those wooden shelves for a jaw-dropping backdrop, especially for an accent wall.

Kitchen Pallet Rack:

Relish a glass of sparkling wine while you prepare dinner, a pallet rack made out of wall mounted kitchen shelves is ideal to show off your bottled collection. This open counter can also be used to store delicate wine glasses. You can add your own vintage touch by painting the wood in classic tones or matching it with the modern decor of the kitchen. Ideal for kitchen bake parties and hosting occasions in a tight living space. Give it a steampunk makeover by installing pipes along with the wooden shelves. Craft the look according to your taste and personality and enjoy your drinks in style.

Love-KANKEI brings you the perfect blend of shelves for any kind of theme your bar reflects. Spice up your home bar with these eclectic wooden shelves that create the ideal man cave or garage bar in your living space. You can even fix these in your home office space as the eccentric workbench one could ever have. The rustics and the unique styles match with homegrown herbs too. Bring the outdoors inside by placing pots of rosemary, mint, and basil along with the drinks, the ideal companions for a lush cocktail.

Now, enjoy gifting a DIY project to your friends and family with Love-KANKEI bar decors this holiday season. And they will never spend a dull evening ever!

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