Easy Access Storage Solution: Floating Wall Shelves!

When people are looking for extra storage or display space for their bathroom or kitchen, there is no best solution as simple as floating wall shelves. It is easily affordable, trendy, easily available in various styles and shapes, easily installed, and cherry on the top is that these take up little space! When you find the right wall shelf design, you can immediately elevate the aesthetics of your room.

It goes without saying open wall shelves make curios, books, condiments and more easily and smartly accessible. So bid adieu  to bulky storage solutions and bring home some of these handy, low-profile and easy to install floating wall shelf designs today!

Wall corner shelves

Finding difficulty to carve out space for storage and display your items? Then utilize your vertical space of your room. Here we have discussed ways to decorate and store your items with your floating shelves.

Do you know wall floating shelves are one of the magical unicorns of design? They happen to change the look of any room instantly. When people run out of storage options or want to add some visual interest to a space floating shelves are  often the perfect choice. And since they are available in all different styles and sizes, they're incredibly versatile.

Laundry room storage

Believe it or not laundry room is another great spot to add shelves if you have the space. So what if you lack space in your house,  you can easily increase your storage space with a couple of extra floating shelves and quickly upgrade the functionality of your laundry room. However if you don’t need that extra storage area, you can add some artwork, display items or some plants to warm up your space adding some beauty to the space.

Easy book shelf

Want to revamp your book shelf or are you looking for some innovative ideas to redesign your bookshelf? To give a new look to your bookshelf, you can actually mount floating shelves in place of a bookcase. If all of your books are of same size, you can mount the shelves equidistant from one another. However, floating shelves would also allow you to customize the space between each shelf to account for books of all  sizes.

Bathroom storage hacks

People often complain about storage space in bathroom due to lack of space or if they have small bathroom. But floating shelves can be savior for anyone who happens to have a small bathroom or lack storage place. So, If you lack storage in your sink vanity, or just need more space, simply add bathroom storage shelf to your bathroom walls to manage beautifully the overflow of toiletries.

Bring your hallway into life

Having some dead space at the end of your hallway place? Then consider adding some floating shelves to your hallway and light up the space instantly. Floating, wooden shelves itself are decorative, attractive and at the same time they easily manage to liven up an area of the home which would have otherwise been empty and dull. So if you want to give your hallway a stylish touch you can apply this storage idea.

Kitchen dish display

Willing to give your kitchen a trendy look and also solve your storage problems at the same time? Then Consider adding a few shelves between your existing kitchen cabinets. You can display your prettiest dishes and glasses, and other items and simply switch it up depending on the time of year or season. However if you are not able to find a storage solution for your pots and pans, you can install kitchen pot rack.

Statement piece for your living room!

Wall shelves creatively displayed on the wall can actually take the place of artwork. The rustic, reclaimed wood shelves are used to display decor, houseplants, accessories and your photo collections. When arranged differently and smartly they manage to stand in for a large piece of art.

Scattered Shelves

When it comes to living room display options, most of us make changes with the available furniture. But you don’t have to! You can easily put in lone ledges that make a statement or you can install some wooden wall Shelves in your living room where you can display decorative items. You can make use the corner of your room to mount such shelves and bring corner of your room into life!

Well these decorative and storage ideas with floating shelves will help to revamp or give a new look to your house without breaking an arm and a leg.



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