5 Personalized  Home Decor and Storage Tips!

Frankly speaking there is nothing called too much storage space. Even after having enough space some of us whine about less storage areas. Having said that, all of us are not blessed with a surplus of massive cabinet and strategic built-in cabinetry. Fortunately there are plenty of smart and creative ways to store all your essential items. Proof? Here we have discussed 5 storage and décor tips that will resolve your storage problem. If your house is overwhelmed with clutter, then it is time to bust out your tool set to wrangle the situation once and for all.


To further delight you we have discussed  5 tips that will ramp up the look of your entire house by adding some extra space irrespective the size of your apartment.

Keep Your Makeup and jewelry Organized

Keep all your jewelries and your make-up products organized on your desk or vanity with trays. You can also use variety of jewelry organizer to keep your jewelry Organized and decluttered.

Do you lack enough wall space for classic floating shelves? Then you can opt for one that can be installed  above the doorframe. You can store your items up there you use rarely but don't want to store in a more permanent storage area. Lovekankei have several shelving options which can help you in choosing perfect shelve as per your home decor.

Arrange your cookbook

Not finding a proper place to keep your cookbooks arranged and organized? Why not categories it into frequently used and rarely used cookbooks? For instance try to keep frequently used cookbooks on a kitchen wall shelf or in a kitchen cabinet so that you can easily access them when you need it. The others can be kept on a bookcase outside your kitchen. Like this you will be able to get rid of extra items that is actually cluttering your kitchen. Having said that,  make sure you know where you have kept them. What we are trying to say is that, keep your cookbooks together so that you are not required to hunt and peck for them when you are going to cook special item for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Add mug hooks underneath the kitchen storage shelf

Is your kitchen countertop overflowing with your items and not finding a proper place to keep your mugs? Well there is nothing to worry about. We have come up with some excellent stylish solution idea that will solve your problem instantly. We know most of you think that leaving things out that you use every day isn't cluttered—it's practical. So you can keep your coffee mugs organized and within reach by just adding some hooks to the bottom of open shelving or kitchen cabinets. This innovative solution will help you in managing the clutter smartly.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Looking for a place to store your pots and pans without spoiling the décor of your kitchen? Then you can install Kitchen pot and pan rack in your kitchen. Or just install hooks above the kitchen island to hang your pot and pan.

Use all vertical space in your kitchen

Whining about your kitchen storage problems every day?  Or is your dishes cramming inside a kitchen cabinet like you're playing a game of Tetris? The reason is your kitchen organizing idea won't is not working for you. However, the fact is mugs can get broken if they are stacked too high. Not only that, but it is equally painful to pull out plates that are stacked underneath a ton of bowls. Well to fix this problem, you can make use of your vertical space to install wall shelves where you can store your dishes and mugs without breaking them.

Add shelving unit  above the toilet

If you don’t know how to keep your toiletries in an organized manner or lacking storage place then you can add bathroom storage shelf to your bathroom.  Various companies sell shelving units that are made to fit around standard sized toilets and will solve the problem if bathroom storage. Stylistically, these bathroom storage shelf are stylish and functional. However, you have another option of building custom open shelves above the toilet for additional storage. By Doing this it you are open to various  opportunity to match the shelving with your bathroom décor.

Recessed shelving

Don’t have  sufficient amount of space to handle shelves that jut out of the wall? Well we have a solution for you, consider recessed shelving. Recessed shelving has the benefit of giving a smooth and harmonious look, and  give a visual expansion of a space, rather than make it a little more compressed like the typical shelves do.





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