Best Summer decoration ideas and tips of 2020

When it comes to redesigning your home, it doesn’t mean that you need to invest a huge amount of money, but it should be invested wisely.

Speaking of which, your house is an investment you will never regret about no matter how sophisticated or conservative it may be. For that investment, it’s important to follow the rules. And this is what we are going to talk about in today’s article. The summer decoration ideas and tips of 2020 are here to motivate you!

Idea 1: You can always improve the living room’s look whenever you feel it needs some re-modeling. Improving the interior of your house is an incredible project you cannot overlook.

Making some essential home modifications during summer is a rewarding decision. Take it from us, it is the best time of the year for implementing decorating ideas. 2020 is a great year to transform the living room of your home. Interior home revamping accelerates the worth as well as ameliorate the basic outlook of your property. There are summer living room trends that you can put into consideration in such a project.

Idea 2: If don’t have the slightest clue regarding what you are going to do to bring life to your boring walls then you can try this idea.

Why not Preserving your vacation photos by printing, framing, and arranging them in a gallery wall? This summer decorating trick will save you money on art and give you a great talking point at parties. You can further make it glamorous by using color-coordinated hanging photo frames. The memories will cure your wanderlust as you start planning your next summer vacation.

Idea 3: Needless to say, that a fireplace is a make a classic focal point. But why not you consider rearranging your furniture away from it during the summer? That can add the feeling of summer! Just a little re-arrangement and you have it all.

  Rather than huddling around the hearth, shift the focus of the room toward a beautiful window or French doors. This can really turn out to be soothing for the eyes. To build up the mood further, store heavy draperies and hang gossamer sheers that flow with the breezes. Since the wind changed its direction you won't be stroking the flames for another few months, so for now you can stack leftover wood or position candles in your fireplace.

Idea 4: Come up with floral ideas

We understand that coloring your whole house to build the mood of the house can cost you an arm and a leg. But you can switch over to bright botanical prints (on bedding and throw pillows for example) instantly lift a room's mood—and yours. To let the motif truly shine, keep the wall color neutral, if possible, and other accessories to a minimum. Well, you can opt for minimalist home décor ideas. This will give you a whole summer feel! Seasonal duvet covers are a great way to save money when decorating for summer.

Idea 5: Are you running out of ideas on how to re-decorate your living room in order to feel the season? Well, you can try some refreshing ideas! 

Whether you’re assembling a fresh peony bouquet from the farmers’ market or assembling stems from your own garden, there’s nothing like summer to inspire us to bring beautiful flowers indoors. A simple all-rose bouquet and a layered variety of greenery and bright petals are just a beauty. But among the flowers, the vessel that holds it all together is equally important, though sometimes overlooked. If you are thinking that this idea is highly overrated, then take it from us, this is making the new trend for home decoration during the summers.

Idea 6: If you want to flow the air of summer all through your house, then make sure that you don’t miss out on your kitchen. Spending longer hours in the kitchen can be a real challenge. But you can solve this problem smartly by going for a minimalist idea again.

Yes, you are thinking right, you can also apply this idea in your kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to get rid of your stuff. What we are trying to say is that you can make your kitchen more organized than before. Increasing storage area for instance. Or installing a kitchen spice rack where you can keep your spices organized as per their utility.

Idea 7: Is your bookshelf overloaded? Are you struggling hard to adjust one more book on the shelf? Well, you can also fix this problem by mounting wall shelves where you can keep your books.

Idea 8: If you want to make your living room look more summery and brightened up the moody olive green walls and dark antique dresser with a sunny pleated lampshade and an easy-going bouquet of flowers arranged in a beautiful vase.

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