5 LoveKankei Wall Shelves Decoration Are Perfect For Home Modern Style!

Willing to revamp your house? If you are fond of minimalist idea then you can replace your cabinets with beautiful floating wall shelves. Floating wall shelves are a brilliant additional to any room! With this you can get rid of those brackets that spoil the overall look and design of the wall. Besides they are very simple, elegant yet easy to maintain. Another advantage of these beautiful wall shelves are that they are very strong and lasts longer than the ones with brackets. This is because they are attached to the wall by adding screws to the wall that they are made from durable materials.

Ok let’s keep the technicalities short! The main thing is that these wall shelves are strong enough that you can keep heavy things on them without any fear.

Think out of cabinet box!

Floating shelves are also a great avenue in displaying wall decorations and can be great storage for books. They are also a great addition as kitchen storage for plates, utensils and kitchen items.

Thinking of remodeling your living room? Then the corner wall shelves are a great idea for storage. These corner wall shelves are great addition to your living room. They will not only change the look of your house but you can display your books or other decorative items. Well you can further enhance it by LED lighting idea on floating corner wall shelves that would make it more elegant and chicer.

Refresh your dull Bathroom!

Do you know that floating shelves can do wonders for anyone who happens to have a small bathroom? Yes, you heard it right! So, there is nothing to worry about anymore if you are having a small bathroom or lacking sufficient storage area. Time for you to kill two birds with one bullet! So, if you lack storage in your sink vanity, or just need more space, you can add shelves to your bathroom walls to manage the overflow of toiletries. You can keep your bathroom organized and neat this way!

Your wooden corner!

Going by trend, it is time that you give the empty corners a practical makeover, but with a textural twist! It goes without saying that wood brings warmth, coziness and contrast to the modern home.

Corner wooden shelves easily fit in pretty much everywhere and anywhere. It is the finish of the wood and the materials that you combine it with to create the corners shelves that ultimately define their style. While wooden shelves with live-edge or raw, unpolished look are perfect for rustic, farmhouse and traditional spaces, shelves with wood and metallic sparkle work well in shabby chic and industrial.

Re-stylize your kitchen

Running out of storage space on kitchen? Clueless how to do it? Well you can make more space for your storage purpose by installing kitchen shelves. It is a great idea in utilizing space in a kitchen, these floating kitchen shelves are not just clean looking, they add a minimalist feel to the entire space.

Refurnish your breakfast room

With kitchen you can also rethink to revamp your breakfast room. Yes, these floating wall shelves create a clean and balanced look for your breakfast room, mainly when wall decors are placed on them. This look can make your house stand out from your neighborhood. If you have no idea how to decorate your wall, or falling short of idea you can try out these wall shelves that will serve dual purposes. We admit that loving room is the focal point of your house and to make it look different and trendy you can mount various style of wall shelves. So a contemporary inspired living room design idea with corner floating wall shelves that can interesting items and books, can give you a cool and pleasant look.

Wall-mounted shelving units have evolved in leaps and bounds in the last decade, rather they have become the current home décor trend. There is still nothing like a good corner wall shelf to give you the ultimate satisfaction, as you start making the most of that overlooked corner. They are available in various shapes and styles giving you plenty of display options. You must check out the lovekankei wall shelves for your home décor idea!

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