5 Home Decoration Themes for This Father's Day

Father’s are the silent superheroes, and they deserve all the love on Father’s day. When it comes to decorating the last minute for the occasion, there are some omissible father’s day themes. It all depends on your dad’s personality and the kind of things he enjoys chilling too. From putting up simple banners with personal messages like ‘Dad, we Love you,’ ‘You are the best Father’ to throwing a classy party for him. Every detail is important since it’s his special day.

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His love for cigars is known to all, then gift with an exclusive cigar collection. Choose a special nook around the house to surprise him with a display of his favorite brand. It might be inside his study, office cabin, or merely a feature wall in the bedroom. Build him a cabinet with mood lighting fixtures, add a cozy leather recliner next to the showcase, thrown in a plush rug beneath the recliner and look how his face lights up when he sees his cigar lounge area.

Cushions are a great way of showering love and attention, custom-made father’s day cushions with lovely messages written all over just for him will grab his interest. Silk, leather, velvet, and fur are some excellent choices for the fabric. They add a pop of color in any room, place them on the sofa, bed, or in the lounge area. You can even print memorable family pictures on them with a quote, or with your dad’s favorite quote. It will mean the world to him.

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You want to turn the wall in his room into a sentimental zone, and then gather pictures of him and your mom. Maybe you have photos from when they met their wedding day, rare photos of them on a honeymoon, souvenir pictures of his first car/home and many more such beautiful moments. Highlight them in a collage style picture gallery and mount it on the wall. You can also make his grandchildren DIY their pictures with him on display. Decorate it with fairy lights for further embellishment.

Bookshelves are a great way to store your family library collection. You might be having rare author’s collection, books from your childhood which your parents read to you during bedtime, your father’s journals, his private collection, and many more heirloom vintage prize. Gather them and place them neatly on floating wooden shelves, you can re-model a reading nook with an in-house library for your beloved dad.

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Handmade items have maudlin values; sew/knit a blanket for him with your family picture or with a sweet message. It could mean an exceptional gift if your father travels a lot tapestry to hang as the headboard in the bedroom is also an incredible initiative., he can take it with him when on tour. You can too knit muffler, gloves, and caps to make it more intimate. He will appreciate all the trouble you have taken to make him feel special. A customized

To personalize your father’s day decoration ideas, Love-Kankei has an exquisite collection of everyday items that can bring much joy to him. He can use them around his study, den, garage, and even create an unusual corner in the bathroom with these incredibly easy fixtures.

Don’t just get him another tie; gift him with something he needs. Celebrate and choose from a wide range of  Love-Kankei products and make his day memorable for a lifetime.



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