4 Living Room item definitely Need in your Home

Half of our lifetimes are spent in the living room; it is the personal hangout for family and friends. A hideout from the world and also a place to lounge around to de-stress after a long day at work. Living space needs some comforting furniture and ambiance. Apart from the candle holders, aroma diff-users, and mesmerizing artworks, many essential items make any living room complete.

Storage can be an issue if space is built for micro families; the apartments that we live in are cubically spaced. Hence a marble or leather finish coffee table with extra storage space can become a game changer. You can fit in all your board game collection, books, video games, DVDs and other items. With the little things all tucked away, the living area will look more open.

Wall floating shelve

An innovative feature will be an ottoman that also doubles up as a snack tray since you and your family will be spending lazy afternoons watching movies. Ottomans can be used to store all the snacks and tidbits also sometimes wine bottles. The top part can be modeled into a tray and voila! You need not spend a dime to make more room for extra side tables and chairs to hold them all.

You have spread out your favorite Persian rug on the floor with all the large velvet throw pillows, but have too much of a clutter going on with modest items. Take all the artwork and the displays from the floor and arrange them on wooden shelves.

Wall decoratives

A cubicle patterned or any other geometric patterned shelves mounted on the wall can become a featured wall. Hang all your picture collection, sculptures, quirky poster art, books, and other items away from the reach of children and pets. You could even put up air purifying plants on these floating shelves.

Your living room deserves the style and flamboyance of the ’20s hence a Gatsby-era floor lamp with dramatic fringe glamorizes the decor. We know it’s the modern and minimalist approach these days when it comes to organizing things. But the flair can add some pop of color in the room and also be an attractive focal piece.

Wall hanging wooden shelve

If you are adamant on creating a family tree of sorts, then Love-Kankei has the perfect set of wall hanging shelves that can enhance the design. Living rooms look sparse some times when it comes to decorating the walls. Having a gallery can bring back fond memories of any occasion; it will also be a constant source of stories for the younger generation. These wall shelves have a rustic appeal, and the finishing looks chic with clean lines. Easily blend into any theme; you can even DIY them with a paint job to suit your personal style.

The next time your family and friends popover, they will be taken aback by your organizing and design skills. You can blissfully show them over the storage hacks you have placed in the most unique room on earth.



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