For sanitary purposes, a wall mount paper towel holder in your bathroom would be an essential product. Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holder would be one of the best options for such purposes. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a paper holder in your bathroom.

  • Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holders are very durable and sturdy in nature. These holders are made from hardwood thus there would be no chances of any rust on it. The hardwood would also give this towel holder bend-free features.
  • These towel holders are available in both white and black in the market. Both have elegant and simple designing features, which would make it compatible with any bathroom wall background.  
  • The user would be able to easily load the paper towel on the holder. He or she would just have to place the paper roll on the holder. Also, the mounting process of this Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holders extremely easy. Just by following the instruction manual, the user would be able to mount it without any outside help.
  • This paper towel would also help the user in saving space in his or her bathroom. This paper towel could be installed in both vertical and horizontal way. This allows the user to install it according to his or her requirement. For installing this paper mount, it is recommended to use shorter screws.
  • The dimension of this Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holders would be about 12.5 inches X 3 inches X 2.8 inches. This paper towel would weigh about 5.86 ounces.