If you have often faced the issue of losing one earring of a pair or often end up cluttering the ornaments when you are in a hurry, it is time you get a jewelry organizer from Love Kankei. With properly built mounts, your jewelry pieces can be kept arranged properly so that you have no difficulty in finding the one you need.

Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer as Home Décor

In case you are wondering how to create a home décor statement by showing off your jewelry pieces, the wall-mounted jewelry organizer will be your best choice. The thirty holes on the top metal bar can hold up to thirty individual earrings or as many as 15 pairs. The two separate bars and the metal rail with seven hooks can hold anklets, bangles, wristwatches, bracelets, and neckpieces. Twisted wire in shape of ‘beauty’ can hold neckpieces, anklets, danglers, etc.    

Six Tiered Jewelry Stand to Decorate Dressing Table

With cosmetics and beauty products, your dressing table needs to be decked up with something that not only heightens up the creativity of the dressing table but also keeps the ornaments in place. The iron jewelry organizer with six tiers from Love Kankei can hold necklaces on the top tier that depicts the word ‘Love’ in twisted metal. The two bars that face each other can hold your bracelets and bangles or rings. The four tiers below can hold every type of earrings while the metal tray in the bottom will hold the watches, rings, small earrings, pendants, chains, etc.    

In case you have a small number of ornaments, having a three-tiered Jewelry Tree Stand can be helpful. Its three stands have adjustable height and there is a small compartment.