Paulownia Wood is the fastest growing hardwood in the whole world, thus having the greatest commercial value in the world of timber. This wood is also known as the aluminum of the timber. Timber from Paulownia is resistant to high temperature and is capable of handling much more weight than other woods.

All most every wooden item of Love-KANKEI is made out of Paulownia wood. For example, the floating shelves wall mount is the set of three shelves. Each of the shelves is made out of Paulownia wood for giving more strength. Also, one of the most popular Love-KANKEI Wood Serving Tray with metal arch handles which is a rectangle breakfast tray is made with 100% Paulownia Wood and is quite popular.

Here are some of the reasons why Paulownia wood is used for wall mounted shelves.


One reason why all the wooden products of Love- KANKEI are able to support the heavy weight would be the strength of the Paulownia wood. This wood has the highest strength to weight ratio in the whole world. According to the study, Paulownia wooden planks would handle strength up to 5750 psi. As the Paulownia wood is mostly free of knots, it would be able to hold screws and nails effectively and won’t crack in a dry climate.


Paulownia woods are another reason why most of the wooden items of Love- KANKEI are lightweight in nature. Paulownia woods are the lightest known timber in the whole world. The weight of this tree would be half of the pine and one-third of the weight of the oak tree. This is the reason why all most everybody uses Paulownia for making wooden shelves.   

Other factors

There are many other factors that make Paulownia the best wood for wall shelves. Some of them are as follows:

  • Low shrinkage
  • Resistance against insect damage
  • Resistance against fungal rots
  • High dimensional stability