Plates and cups are delicate items in a kitchen and if they are not stored properly, frequent breakage of these items might occur. However, there are certain products that will help in the easy storing of these items and also keep them within reach.

Floating Shelves Wall Mount

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mount is a rustic wood wall shelves with large storage (L 16” x W 11“) for kitchen use. Though made up of solid wood, this is a lightweight product.  The product weighs around 4.7 lb and is quite sturdy.  It comes in two units, so it can be installed in both horizontal as well as vertical ways. These units are ideal to store the cups and plates in a kitchen.

Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Love-KANKEI Pot Rack Wall Mounted Set is a 2 Pan-Pot Organizers with 16 Hooks for storing heavy Cookware and Utensils. This is another useful storage unit to keep the cups and plates. Along with other utensils, the plates could be placed on top of the organizer and hooks attached below can be used to hang cups and mugs. This is a set of 2 storage units and therefore, it offers sufficient area to store cups and plates without taking too much space in the kitchen.

Floating Shelf Wall Shelf

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelf Wall Shelf is a rustic wood kitchen spice rack with towel bar and 8 removable hooks for organizing and storing utensils or mugs. This product is also quite useful in storing cups and plates. While the top of the shelf makes for an ideal place to keep the plates, the hooks attached at the bottom of the shelf is for hanging cups.