Leaving water droplet on the walls of your bathroom would result in the watermarks, which would make your bathroom look dirty. For such cases, Love KANKEI Shower Squeegee would be a very good option. Here are some of the features of shower squeegee that makes it different from other squeegees.

Designing Of the Squeegee

Love KANKEI Shower Squeegee is specially designed for wiping water droplets from the glass or window panes. The body frame is made up of high-quality stainless steel, thus making it completely resistant towards the water. The steel body makes this shower squeegee extremely durable and resistant to rust.

It has a special ergonomically designed handle that would provide an excellent non-slip grip in one hand. The size of the squeegee is about 9.84 inches. The user would not require putting any extra pressure on this squeegee while wiping. Its natural weight would be enough for doing the work.

Rubber Blade

Love KANKEI Shower Squeegee has a high-grade rubber blade which is neither extremely soft nor stiff. This rubber blade is also resistant to cold and hot water. Its bevel edge rubber blade would cover larger surface area for drip-free and streak drying.

For achieving better result, it is recommended to wipe the surface in a horizontal manner. This shower squeegee would have a replacement silicon rubber blade. This set would also include a stainless steel hook for hanging the squeegee on the shower door.

Multipurpose Use

Not only for bathroom surfaces Love KANKEI Shower Squeegee would also be applicable for wiping other smooth surfaces such as glass windows or mirrors. It would help you in cleaning ceramic tiles, tubs, marbles, etc. This shower squeegee would become an essential product for proper maintenance of home and bathroom.