From decorative necklaces to the simple chains with pendants –if you are a fashionista, you will have plenty of neckpieces in your possession. Keeping them stuffed on a tray or inside a box can often end up with a tangled mess from which a jewelry organizer from Love Kankei can help you.

Wall Mounted Necklace Organizer

Framed on the wall with a rustic wooden bar, the three-tiered wall mounted necklace holder can be a perfect choice to keep your neckpieces organized along with earrings and other ornaments. Its middle tier has two metal rails facing each other and behind this lies another mount with seven hanging hooks –all these are perfect for hanging necklaces. Another mount has ‘beauty’ created by twisting the iron wire which has lots of curves to hold necklaces.

Jewelry Tree Stand with Adjustable Height

Weathered grey, carbonized black and white, natural color and white –these are the three color variants of the Love Kankei Jewelry Tree Stand. The wooden base with two compartments can hold small sized chains and pendants. In between the base are three T-shaped stands that can go up to 6.5 inches. The farthest one should be tallest and hold longest neckpieces, the middle one with medium height can hold moderate sized neckpieces and the foremost one with minimum height should contain the necklaces with small height.

Although created mostly for earrings and bangles with the four metal rails, the Jewelry Stand With Six Tiers too can hold necklaces on the metal tray at the bottom. You can hang the neckpieces from the two separate wires facing each other and the ‘love’ shaped wire rails.