What are the parts of a picture frame?

The inner workings in a picture frame consist of 5 different components which are discussed hereunder in this blog. Have a look to know more in details.

The frame

By frame, we actually mean the inner molding. Frames are available in all the materials starting from wood to aluminum to stylish ornate swept. Love-KANKEI wood picture photo frame has 30 clips and adjustable twines and is made up of wood. There are enormous varieties of thicknesses, widths, contours, finishes, shapes, and colors available that can enhance the collective artwork that you want to show off in your interiors.

The glass

Glass provides front protection in the picture frame. Acrylic glass is also used sometimes as an alternative to natural glass when the picture frames are large and hanging them on the wall would be risky if the natural glass is used in the frames. Anti-glare options are also available if you want to hang the picture in a place that is open to direct sunlight.

Mount board

Mount board is available in a rectangular or square shape to suit the needs of the users. It is generally a card but a thicker one. Love-KANKEI Shadow box picture frame case comes in a dimension of 8’’ x 10’’.

Backing Board

The backing board provides the necessary protection for the artworks or the picture in it.

Hanging system

Love-KANKEI hanging display photo frames weathered grey comes with sturdy and durable fixings to allow to hang the pictures on your wall. There are nailing systems or eye-loop screws to hang, you can choose the ones as per your convenience.