Choosing wooden wall shelves for bathroom and any other room of your house might not be different but when it comes to meeting your requirements, setting up the right one and placing them properly is something you should be concerned about. Here are some tips for choosing bathroom wall shelves from Love Kankei 


Keep Large Storage Shelves for Towels, Robes, and Tissues

With 11” width and 16” length, the large storage floating wooden shelves from Love Kankei can be your best options to keep your spare towels, bathrobes, paper towels or tissues on one shelf and your clothes before bathing on another. Set up the two shelves separately or one above the other.  



Add Corner Shelf near Toilet or Bathtub

Offered in carbonized black and weathered grey variants, you can choose the three-tiered floating rustic wooden corner shelf set to set up at the angle of two walls. It should be within hand’s reach from your toilet seat or bathtub and can contain essential toiletries like tissue paper, soap, hand wash, shampoo, etc.  



Keep Different Sized Shelves for Different Accessories

You will need different sized shelves for clothes, towels, toilet products, skin care products, etc and nothing will be more useful than utilizing the set of three rustic wooden shelves from Love Kankei. With 4.7 inches side width, the three shelves are of 9 inches, 13 inches, and 17 inches in length respectively. While the smallest shelf can keep your morning essentials like toothbrush, paste, and facewash, the medium one can contain toiletries and the large one bathroom cleaning products.  

Although seemingly trivial, the bathroom décor is actually quite significant because, in the bathroom, you are on your own and having everything within reach is important. Follow the tips and make your bathroom as stylish as other rooms.