Choosing the perfect wall shelves for your house from Love Kankei can be a little confusing with so many great options made of high-quality wood and iron. Here is your guide to choosing the shelves from different rooms –


Shelves for Bedroom

As the bedroom is cozier and casually designed than other rooms of your house, get the rustic wooden floating shelf of three sets with different size to keep family pictures, favorite showpieces, and essential cosmetics in front of your eyes. You can also keep the large storage shelves to keep books and important documents.


Shelves for Living Room, Drawing Room, Study or Meeting Room

The two-tiered heavy duty bookshelf, as well as the large storage rustic wood floating shelves, can be your best options to keep books, large statues, showpieces, certificates, awards, framed picture, and even potted plants. The three square-shaped and three U-shaped floating wall shelves are the most stylish décor options offering various combinations to try while the corner shelves can be used for keeping small trinkets.


Shelves for Bathroom

The two-tiered heavy duty shelf, 16”x11” large storage shelves and the different sized rustic wooden shelves set of three can be great choices for the bathroom. The last two options can be customized according to your need i.e. together or one below the other to make sure you have ease of finding toiletries, cosmetics, towels, clothes, etc.   

Shelves for Kitchen

The rustic wooden spice rack with towel bar and the iron pot rack set of two with 16 hooks are the best options for your kitchen to keep your utensils, cutlery, crockery, spices and other food products mounted on the wall. From the detachable hooks, you can hang mugs, ladles, spoons and other accessories with handle.  

Without wall shelves, your household décor would seem something out of place and your storage too might become somewhat disheveled. Choose the one that matches your home décor and enjoy the ease of storage for long.